Application of oil online monitoring system in Tunnel boring machine

The Tunnel boring machine is a large-scale engineering machine. which is use in large infrastructure projects such as highway tunnels, railway tunnels, and subsea tunnels. The environment in the tunneling work is very harsh. It is faced with a large amount of dust and various wet geological layers, such as soft soil bottoms, rock formations, and so on. The environment is very unfavorable for the equipment. Yateks has accumulated rich experience in the field of oil monitoring after years of research and development. An intelligent online oil monitoring system. It can monitor the lubricating oil wear status of the shield machine in real-time, can help customers understand the health of the equipment oil in real-time, and protect the equipment from damage.

1.working principle

The basic working principle of Tunnel boring machine is that a cylindrical steel component moves forward along the tunnel axis while excavating the soil. The shell of the cylindrical component is the shield. It acts as a temporary support for the excavated section of the tunnel that has not been lined. Withstand the pressure of the surrounding layers, and sometimes withstand the pressure of the groundwater and keep the groundwater out. Excavation, dumping, lining and other operations are carried out under the cover of a shield.

2.Customer Difficulties

The shield machine relies on two major systems for support in the tunneling work. One is the hydraulic system, which is specifically responsible for the activities of the equipment when it travels. One is the gear box cutter head system, which is specifically responsible for the operation of the cutter head excavation and withstands great strength. The hydraulic system and gearbox system have accumulated long-term high-load work, which will cause the hydraulic system oil to deteriorate and produce a large number of pollution particles and gearbox gear fatigue wear. Once the equipment fails, it will cause damage to the equipment. Delays in the progress of the project are unacceptable.


Online oil monitoring system A set of oil online remote intelligent detection and diagnosis system. It is based on the IoT platform. Modular design is realized internally.


4.scope of test:

Real-time monitoring of key indicators such as trace moisture, water content, viscosity, dielectric constant, density, temperature, water activity, pollution degree, and metal abrasive particles of the oil. Realize the remote intelligent monitoring and diagnosis of the oil condition of the equipment and the operating status of the equipment. This product integrates advanced oil sensors, IoT cloud platform and big data technology, combined with yateks’ years of accumulated core data algorithms for oil monitoring.

  1. Greatly improve the accuracy, timeliness, and effectiveness of data analysis.
  2. Help customers realize remote intelligent monitoring of equipment. Predictive maintenance improves equipment operation efficiency.
  3. Reduce the total cost of equipment maintenance and lubricants. Provide all-round real-time online monitoring of oil without dead ends.
  4. System module composition

The monitoring system is composed of several system modules such as sensor module, oil control module, chassis structure fixed module, data processing module, and data sending module. Realize real-time oil monitoring and data processing.

How does Yateks online oil monitorng system work?

 6.System installation method

System installation location: hydraulic oil tank filter unit

Oil collection position: before the fuel tank filter

Oil return position: oil tank

Hydraulic system monitoring indicators:

kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity, density, temperature, dielectric constant, trace moisture, moisture content, cleanliness.

The online oil monitoring system of yateks is installed on the hydraulic circulation system of Tunnel boring machine. it can monitor intelligently 24 hours a day. It realizes the digitization and intelligent operation and management of equipment. Reduce the cost of equipment maintenance for enterprises and increase equipment production efficiency.

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