Visible LED light and Invisible IR light Borescope for Police Use

Dual-light Borescope for Police Use

Author: Mabel
Date: 2019/5/21

It is a fantastic idea to make visible LED light and invisible IR light into one equipment, white light for daytime inspection, IR light for nighttime observation. We can find in the market there are a lot of suppliers who can offer white light borescope and some others can provide IR ones. Of course, we can buy both if we are from affluent companies. But today, we are going to talk Yateks, a company succeeded in building one borescope with dual-light purely out of interest.

Visible LED light camera effect
Visible LED light camera effect

 Invisible IR light camera effect

As we know borescopes are always related to applications. For anti-terrorist and police use, security is the first concern. Yateks’ latest R series borescope is with 940nm wavelength, which has no light exposure and good invisibility, high pixel OV sensor and customized luminous power enable R series the best choice for police use. If needed, the R series can reach as long as 20m’s target.

Dual-light Borescope for Police Use 3

A visible LED light with high brightness optical fiber illumination technology, can also be used for observing internal cracks, corrosion, foreign objects, etc. The combination of visible LED and invisible IR, one button design to switch from one light source to another provides more possibilities for the end-users.
Yateks, as the manufacturer of industrial borescopes, is always on the way to come up with better solutions for customers and ambitious to be an inspection expert.

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