Aviation Borescope used for aircraft engine inspection application

Author: Jenna

Date: 2019/5/23

Aircraft is indeed one of the greatest inventions in the world, which helps to increase modern speed in transport and communication, thus playing an essential role in a country’s development, no matter for civil use or military use. Unlike other vehicles, aircraft do not have a platform as support. For aircraft, one small failure may mean hundreds of economic and lives’ loss. Therefore, regular check before every flight is quite important to the flight security for each time.


The key part of an aircraft is the engine, whose structure is highly complicated. Timely and effective borescope inspection (RVI inspection) of its inside areas can not only help a lot to avoid the high time cost, labor cost, and transport cost of disassembling the complicated engine and checking but also help to increase the engine’s operating efficiency and save maintenance cost.

Australia Air Force already has some borescopes for inspection aircraft engine before, checking their aircraft engine turbine blade defects, combustion chamber cracks, inside residues, weld surface, cylinder, fuel pipe, hydraulic components, and nozzle parts. Last July, Australia Air Force published their tender notice for more borescope demands. Our local partner in Australia submitted files after checking the specification demands and finding our M Series would satisfy their demands well. On the demonstration date, our M415FN borescope performed quite well with its 360-degree flexible articulation, clear image, easy operation, and portable main body. Until now, the ordered five units of Yateks M Series M410FN has been continuously received high recognition from Australia Air Force!

Aviation Borescope used for aircraft engine inspection application


We feel happy that our RVI instruments can help to save cost for the aviation industry with its excellent performance, and we’re looking forward to assisting more in similar application cases. On the other hand, our M Series is always improved under our R&D team’s efforts: higher brightness screen for a better anti-sun feature and bright image, optimized bending section structure for more flexible articulation and bending angle, new material waterproof material for less resistance, new structure joystick for more smooth articulation control etc. More and more improvements in details can make our M Series a better and better product and serve better for aviation borescope inspection!

Aviation Borescope used for aircraft engine inspection application


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