Technicians from yateks share with you: How long does the car engine need maintenance?

Author: Michiko Chen


Associated with more people having their own cars, the maintenance and repair of cars are becoming more and more important in people’s life. Regarding car maintenance and repair, many people are directly sent to 4S stores after driving to a certain mileage. For the owner, it is very necessary to know some maintenance knowledge for daily use. Today, Technicians from yateks explains the cleaning of the car’s carbon deposits.

Yateks endoscopes use in automobile engine cylinder head

  1. What is carbon deposit?

The carbonaceous material formed by the fuel in the engine internal combustion engine is not fully burned, or the colloidal substance that cannot be completely burned in the gasoline remains in the fuel injector, the oil pipeline, the fire plug, which lead to carbon deposit under the influence of high temperature.

2.The type of carbon deposit

1) carbon deposits in the valve and combustion chamber;

2) carbon deposits in the intake pipe;

  1. What will increase carbon production?

1) low quality gasoline;

2) Traffic jams, bad driving habits;

3) Gas oil.

  1. How to clean up carbon deposits?

First of all, it is normal for the engine to produce carbon deposits. All cars will have a certain amount of carbon deposits. It is also unavoidable. The formation of carbon deposits is not built up overnight, even the accumulation of carbon will cause the engine to fail and make the power not strong enough. The car usually carry out carbon cleaning after running around 40,000 kilometers.

The Yateks Industrial Endoscope can effectively detect carbon deposits, and can also detect automobile parts such as engines, pistons and valves, and add the high temperature resistant pipelines which can be operated at high temperatures. For example: Yateks HIE HD series products have 6 invention patents, and it’s easy to carry and flexible to operation. Multiple lenses such as single, dual, infrared night vision to meet more needs.

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