Endoscope Application Cases in the Wind Power Industry

Remote Visual Inspection(RVI) with industrial endoscopes to better restore defects and make effective decisions.

Why yateks borescope use in the wind power industry?
• As a green and clean energy source, wind power energy has been widely distributed in the global market in recent years, gradually replacing traditional high-risk and high-pollution energy sources such as firepower and nuclear power.
• The government’s replenishment of cyclical funds has also contributed to the booming wind industry.
• Existing wind power equipment requires routine inspection and maintenance.
• Looking around the world, most of the existing wind power equipment has passed the OEM warranty period. So it needs an inspection camera to check the failure.
• Wind power enterprise users and maintenance service companies have begun to use RVI (Remote Video Detection), where industrial endoscopy is highly recognized.


These may be what you need to focus on:
• Who is responsible for your wind power equipment testing?
• Is your generator still within the manufacturer’s warranty period?
• Do you have a formal inspection report compared to previous inspections?
• Are you satisfied with the equipment test results?


What can yateks Industrialborescopes help you detect?

• Wind turbine gearbox camera inspection

• Wind turbine blade camera inspection – both external and internal

•Pipe camera  inspection of internal bearings of wind turbine gearbox

endoscope application cases in the wind power industry 3

Compact and lightweight inspection equipment, ideal for use in compact environments such as wind turbine generator cabins.


Gear detection: wear and tear

pipe inspection camera check some tooth flakes are peeled off and worn

Tooth end face damage detection


High speed and medium speed tooth surface detection


High-speed tooth surface detection: high-speed tooth surface is rusted


Medium and low-speed gear detection: in the planetary gear part, some tooth flakes are peeled off and worn


Corrosion of the tooth surface of the low and medium speed gears wind


Gearbox inspection: Corrosion conditions Excellent color reproduction, allowing us to better identify the defect

High speed and medium speed tooth pocket detection When such problems occur, we recommend that you grind the pits in time or replace them with new ones.


Gear & Bearing Inspection


The bearing part is gear failure Source that can cause high-speed shafts The intermediate shaft gear meshes with the movement And abnormal sound when the bearing is detected When a defect occurs, we recommend you replace the corresponding failure axis in time Bearing and other bearings, relief Secondary maintenance risk.

Why check the drain of the blade?

The drain pipe of the wind power motor is located at the end of the fan blade. In the cold winter, the water in the drain pipe often freezes, and the volume expands after the ice is formed. Finally, serious cracks are formed on the drain pipe, causing the blade to run during operation. Abnormal sound.
In addition, since the diameter of the drain pipe of the general fan blade is about 6-8 mm, a probe having a diameter of 6.1 mm and a length of 3 m can be recommended.

check-the-drain-of-the-blade check-the-drain-of-the-blade-2

Difficulties encountered – unplanned downtime
Regular inspection of the fan assembly using the endoscope camera allows early detection of problems and avoids downtime due to catastrophic failure.
A failure can cause a 2-8 week shutdown of the wind turbine
(Time depends on the location of the fan and the availability of the crane).
For wind power companies, this means huge costs and economic losses, such as:
– If a 1.5MW fan is shut down, at least $2K will be lost per day
– Or generate a repair cost of $25-100K
Difficulties encountered – need to get advice from professionals
When the inspectors arrive at the scene, they can share the fault conditions on site through the network in real time. Remote professional technicians can guide frontline inspection personnel to check critical components through the network more accurately, including defect measurement and analysis of key components.


For power equipment manufacturers and wind power companies, periodic inspection of gearbox gears through video borescope camera can effectively reduce the probability of catastrophic accidents, and can also be planned for possible faults.
Regular maintenance and maintenance.

For wind power equipment manufacturers, wind power equipment after-sales service manufacturers and wind power companies, the development of standardized testing technology and the provision of remote professional guidance services can save personnel training costs and make the classification of fault detection results more uniform.

Yateks® borescope providing remote professional guidance services can result in better fault assessment results and significantly reduce maintenance troubleshooting time.



P-series High Resolution Videoscope Camera

Yateks N-series Industrial Borescope

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