Application of on-site fast oil quality analyzer

The quality of lubricating oil is directly related to the normal operation of the equipment and the length of service life, and lubricating oil testing is an effective measure to ensure the quality of lubricating oil. Conventional physical and chemical analysis methods, due to the complicated operation of laboratory equipment, require high quality of laboratory personnel, long test cycle and high cost, especially for companies with a large number of equipment and frequent lubricating oil replacement.

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It is possible to quickly detect the lubricating oil status of field equipment by using a fast oil quality sensor. The rapid detection technology can comprehensively judge the quality of the oil, especially the low detection cost, simple and easy operation, only one or two drops of oil samples can be used to make a qualitative judgment on the oil. This quick and easy method has strong practicability in the production site.

(1) Realize the replacement of engine oil according to quality. The detection of physical and chemical indicators in the laboratory is closely combined with the on-site detection of a fast oil quality analyzer. The method is to first determine whether the oil is contaminated by the dielectric constant method, and further determine the cause of the oil pollution. Such as: water, oxide, metal particles, etc., if any problems are found, take samples in time and send them to the laboratory for physical and chemical analysis. Find the hidden troubles of equipment, realize early detection, early prevention, take effective measures to prevent major accidents, and change the traditional after-event maintenance and regular maintenance system to predictive maintenance under condition monitoring.

(2) Implement monthly tracking of key equipment, and screen five quick test items of dielectric constant, spot, kinematic viscosity, moisture, and pour point, which strengthens the effect of equipment lubrication status detection.

Through the detection of new oil and in-use oil, it provides a scientific basis for on-siteselection and oil change.

(4) Extend the use time of the oil, compared with the traditional regular oil change, it can extend the use time more than twice, and it is safe and reliable.

(5) Rapid quality inspection has played an important role in screening representative oil samples or abnormal oil samples on-site and sending them to the laboratory for analysis in time. This work saves a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.

(6) Use the computer to store the data of the reference oil and the oil in use. Based on these data, we insist on monthly tabulation to establish coordinate images, which can vividly and intuitively analyze the single-machine lubrication status trend and improve the equipment lubrication status management system.

YATEKS condition monitoring products are not only widely used in domestic petroleum, automotive, energy, steel and other industries, but also escort national defense activities such as the National Day military parade and Somalia escort. In 2015, YATEKS is going international. The company is based on Industrial endoscopes, oil quality sensor, fast oil quality analyzers, etc. developed by technological innovation and design concepts have begun to be exported to Germany, the United States, and Russia.

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