Demonstration of Yateks HD industrial endoscope at engine manufacturer

Customer profile:

The client is a Sino-foreign joint venture established in the 1990s. It is mainly responsible for the production and sales of car engines, transmissions and spare parts.It has the world’s advanced level in the manufacture of engines, gearboxes and gearbox shafts.

Demonstration equipment

Yateks P serie and M-ADV series

Presentation overview:

Actually,Before contacting yateks sales, the customer also demonstrated the products of other four or five domestic endoscope manufacturers. The endoscope is mainly used to check the internal carbon deposition, scratches and other defects of the engine block If there is any foreign matter in the screw holes around the whole engine cover, the relevant engineers of the quality department of the customer side are very satisfied with the inspection effect of yateks vidsoscope P615FM Fiber endoscope on the cylinder wall through the on-site demonstration. The effect of M series industrial endoscope on the screw holes can meet their requirements, and the cylinder can only be seen from a close distance.

Industrial endoscopes  M-ADV series adopt the latest HD digital high-definition image processing technology to ensure first-class image quality. In addition, the smallest diameter of insertion tube can reach 2.2mm, the mechanical 360° rocker  interchangeable probe which can obtain the best combination at the best price to adapt to various working conditions.

Industrial Endoscope in the application of a well-known daily chemical company


Three-dimensional measurement endoscope, ultra-clear, high-brightness, flexible, mega-pixel lens with 8-inch high-quality industrial-grade touch screen, presents a high-definition image restoration effect, even minor defects can be seen.

Yateks is a national high-tech enterprise and a famous brand in Shenzhen China, with more than 10 years of experience in R & D , as well as production of industrial endoscopes .yateks endoscope wins the market through stable performance, super cost-effective and good after-sales service,Please contact us for more details,

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