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Ella  2020/8/20

Flexible Portable VIDEO Bronchoscope


An endoscope is a long, flexible tube with a miniature camera at the tip. There is a channel in the tube that allows various instruments to pass through, including snares and biopsy equipment. Endoscope is a medical method used to help diagnose and treat various gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases.

Using an endoscope to examine the inner wall of the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory tract helps to find the source of the problem more smoothly. For thinner abnormal tissues, samples can be cut during endoscopy and taken out for biopsy analysis. In the case of foreign body obstruction, endoscopy is the best treatment method that can replace “incision surgery”.


What can the endoscope be used to check?

Endoscopy can show whether there are foreign bodies in the stomach. It is also used to reveal whether there are suspicious or abnormal areas in the stomach, intestines, colon or respiratory tract. If needed, the endoscope can also help the veterinarian perform a biopsy.

Many veterinary clinics will not provide endoscopy. Because the related equipment is often very expensive, and if the veterinarian wants to master the proficiency of endoscopy, he must receive a considerable training time. For this reason, the endoscopy may need to be referred to a specialist clinic.

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Is endoscopy painless?

Because the operation is performed under anesthesia, the pet will not feel pain. In addition, this examination does not involve “incisions”, so there will be no pain after surgery. However, there may be discomfort caused by the temporary placement of the breathing tube after the operation, but this discomfort is also different from pet to pet.


Does endoscopy require sedation or anesthesia?

Endoscopy requires general anesthesia to keep the pet in a state of unconsciousness, no pain, and muscle relaxation. Under normal circumstances, pets will be given sedative drugs to help them relax, and then given a brief intravenous anesthesia to allow the veterinarian to place a breathing tube in his trachea, and then continue to inject anesthetic gas during the operation Make it in an “unconscious” state.

Yateks veterinary endoscope is cost-effective and is a good choice for veterinarians to make diagnosis.

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