You can see the data on your smartphone— online oil monitoring system

Author: Michiko

Date: 2019/09/30

With the popularization and promotion of 4G network technology, Yateks is also at the forefront in oil monitoring. In addition to promoting and using APP online monitoring in China, Yateks is also about to promote this technology abroad. Only one sensor, one display, and one 4G module can realize online transmission of network data to the mobile phone(without 4G module, can also share data with the screen.).

This kind of technology is a major innovation in the field of oil monitoring. Yateks has 16 years of practical experience in oil monitoring, and its theoretical technology is gradually maturing. It is not only the vanguard in the domestic oil field, but also the pioneers of such technology to the international market.

In addition, the online oil monitoring system is a customer’s preference. As shown in the picture below, Yateks engineers installed each module inside a dedicated integrated box, which can be directly installed on the end customer. And, if the network is disturbed, this online monitoring system can also achieve uninterrupted data transmission of the network. Another major advantage of this type of monitoring system is that it does not affect the customer’s trial experience, regardless of the diameter of the sensor, and is extremely flexible for the installation location.

Yateks’ oil products can be adjusted according to customer needs to meet the various needs of different customers.

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You can see the data on your smartphone--- online oil monitoring system

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