Yateks 3.9mm video endoscope used for quality inspection of air-conditioning refrigeration tube

In summer, when the weather is hot, air conditioning is essential. The invention of air-conditioning is thanks to the Americans in the 20th century. Nowadays, air-conditioning manufacturing technology is perfect. Today, we are going to talk about the small parts necessary for air-conditioning and refrigeration work-air-conditioning refrigeration pipes.

Recently, Yateks received a Japanese-funded refrigeration enterprise project, which requires the help of industrial video endoscopes to complete the inspection of the refrigeration tube in the picture above. It is said that this kind of pipe is an important part of domestically produced and exported to many well-known air-conditioning manufacturers in Japan. Therefore, the processing technology and inspection technology of refrigeration pipes are very high, and thousands of pipes need to be inspected every day. Therefore, the video to be purchased Speculum equipment not only requires a clear picture and good flexibility, but also poses a great challenge to the durability of the product.

Difficulty 1: The whole copper pipe is about 17cm long, with two bends of about 45° and one of 180° bends. The inspection work requires entering from one end of the copper pipe and protruding from the other end to detect the inside of the whole copper pipe at one time. Welding, burrs, cracks, etc.

Difficulty 2: The workload of daily inspection is large, the copper tube wears a lot to the endoscope insertion tube, and the durability of the endoscope insertion tube is high.

After consulting, understanding and comparing domestic and foreign products and similar domestic products, combined with its own budget and trial situation, the demand side finally, yateks M series (3.9mm) video endoscope products, from the picture clarity, ease of use, insertion Tube abrasion resistance has been highly recognized in many aspects, and it can be described as easy to do in the detection work, which greatly improves the detection efficiency of the refrigeration tube.

The M series products adopt a mechanical rocker control structure, which can realize 360° mechanical rotation and a maximum of 180° bending in one direction; and the weight of the whole machine is only 0.75Kg, which is more convenient to carry; the insertion tube can be replaced with a structure, and a host can be matched with different specifications The diameter of the insertion tube not only meets the needs of customers in various aspects, but also can greatly save equipment costs.


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