What are the important uses of industrial videoscopes?

The industrial endoscope can provide complete internal image data to the inspectors without disassembling or damaging the equipment; the use of industrial endoscopes not only saves downtime and maintenance time but also reduces unnecessary additional costs. Help managers better manage and maintain equipment;
Industrial endoscopes are so convenient and easy to use, what are the important uses in use?

1. Detection of generator and turbine blades
Generators and turbine blades are usually used in fixed factories or offshore drilling platforms. They are the core devices for product production and manufacturing. The operation of equipment requires power consumption. Generators and turbine blades are the core devices. If a sudden failure Will lead to high maintenance costs and loss of production;
Industrial endoscopes can detect machinery and equipment: high and low pressure turbine blades, steam pipelines, steam valves, generators, etc.; the diameter of Shenzhen Weishi industrial endoscope pipelines can be selected from 6mm-1mm, and the length can be determined according to actual inspection needs. Customization, 360° all-round steering and high-power rear LED lighting device, can easily go deep into the interior of the device that ordinary people cannot reach for endoscopic inspection;

2. Inspection of petroleum refining and chemical equipment
The continuous and uninterrupted operation of petroleum refining and chemical equipment is the key factor for the profit of the enterprise, and the shutdown and maintenance of the equipment will cause immeasurable losses to the enterprise;
Shenzhen Weishi handheld industrial videoscope can help the installation and construction of petroleum refining and chemical equipment to check problems and perform regular maintenance, which can greatly reduce the time for equipment downtime and maintenance, save energy and reduce unnecessary costs, and protect inspections the safety of personnel;
For the internal detection of pipeline girth welds, the investigation of the internal conditions of the pipeline, the cleaning of internal blockages and excess substances in the pipeline, etc., Shenzhen Microvision can provide professional endoscopic inspection products to help inspectors face emergencies;

What are the advantages of endoscopes in the field of industrial testing1

3. Detection of pressure vessels and storage tanks
Pressure vessels and storage tanks are generally used to store specific liquid fuels or perform chemical reactions, and are always in extreme environments of high temperature or high pressure, so once a defect occurs and is not dealt with in time, the loss will be huge;
Industrial endoscopes can be used to detect the maintenance, inspection and repair of pressure vessels and storage tanks; before putting production equipment into use, it is necessary to confirm whether there is any residue in the container device. According to the traditional inspection method, the inspectors are required to wear protective clothing It is easy to enter the interior through manholes for manual inspection; the use of industrial endoscopes reduces the cost of inspections, and it is easy to see all the internal conditions only by inserting the probe deep into the container; the advantage of using industrial endoscopes is that : Internal detection can be carried out without personnel entering the container, avoiding the entry of external pollutants, protecting the protective layer inside the container, and saving detection time and additional costs;
Yateks industrial endoscopes are widely used in various fields of industry, helping customers save maintenance time, ensuring the quality of production, and promoting the positive development of industrial production.

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