What does the protection level of industrial borescope mean?

As a relatively commonly used non-destructive testing tool, industrial borescope will encounter various extreme environments during testing, so the requirements for the level of equipment are very high. It needs to have certain waterproof and dustproof requirements, especially higher requirements for the insertion tube and probe. When we usually choose products, we will find that there is a host IP54 and probe insertion tube IP67 on the data, so what do these protection levels mean?

The protection level of the insertion tube probe of the general products on the market is IP67. Here “IP” means Ingress Protection, and the number 67 is the level of protection when the external environment affects the equipment. Generally, by testing the IP level of the test equipment, the waterproof and dustproof level of the equipment can be accurately judged;

Both IP54 and IP68 are different degrees of protection. We will find that the difference is mainly due to the numbers. The IP letters in front are the same, and the IP has the ability to prevent dust and pollution, and 67 means that it can be used underwater, while 54 means that the level is not enough to enter the water; The protection IP54 of the main body of the mirror and the IP67 of the probe insertion tube mean that the probe can work even if there is water in the detection environment, and there is no problem in working underwater;

Therefore, IP67 is a waterproof and dustproof standard, indicating whether the equipment can completely prevent the entry of external forces such as oil stains, water stains, and dust, and has a certain ability to work underwater. It will not damage the equipment even if it works underwater for a long time. ; Therefore, if the industrial endoscope can reach the protection level of IP67 or above, it means that the equipment can be operated in an environment with water and oil pollution;

Under a certain underwater pressure, most of the probes of the current industrial endoscope can be launched into the water for a long time without being damaged, and can adapt to more special environments, which reflects certain product advantages. A symbol of product brand power, if you choose an industrial borescope, you must choose an endoscope product with an insertion tube probe of IP67 and above;

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