The difference between Yateks oil sensor YTS-M-1 and YTS-W-1

Author: Michiko

When it comes to Yateks, we know it’s a manufacturer of the industrial endoscope and oil analysis instrument since 2003.
Every day, many people come and ask about Yateks products. For the oil sensor, they always can’t easily distinguish between YTS-M-1 and YTS-W-1.
First, YTS-M-1 is “An Online Monitoring Sensor for Oil Micro-moisture”.
Principle: Humicap


1.Capable of rapidly and continuously detecting the water activity in oil (aw)
2.Capable of accurately measuring micro water content in oil (ppm)
3.Capable of long and stable operating in harsh operation conditions
4.Convenient local calibration function
5.High oil resistance and pressure resistance
6.Compact structure, easy to integrate
7.Two kinds of mode signal output, analog signals, and digital signals


1.Power industry: monitor the lubrication oil of transformer and reactor
2.Industrial machinery industry: monitor the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil of mechanical equipment

3.Transportation industry: monitor the engine oil of ships and vehicles.

oil sensor
Second, YTS-W-1 is “An oil condition Monitoring Sensor for Oil Moisture Content”.
Detect water(moisture) content online and in real-time
Principle: capacitance
1.Extremely sensitive to the various kinds of water pollution
2.Capable of accurately measuring under various harsh operating conditions with resolution up to 10-15

3. 7*24 hours, 365 days, capable of monitoring the equipment’s oil quality at any time

4. Special grounding technology, extremely reliable and sturdy

5. Well-designed probe structure, easy to clean 6. Active maintenance of equipment, avoid unnecessary waste of money and time

It can be applied to online monitor the moisture content and temperature of lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, engine oil, fuel oil, insulating oil, synthetic ester , and various kinds of light oil, heavy oil.

oil sensor

Hope you can divide them well after reading this article.

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