A demonstration for a domestic mold company


Time: June 17, 2019
Location: Meeting room of a domestic mold company
Demonstration instrument: P410FM series industrial video endoscope
Reporter: Mr. Li

Customer Profile: Canada’s PANGEO Group’s wholly-owned company in China currently employs more than 900 people. The company mainly integrates the research, development and production of auto parts. Its process covers stamping, welding, aluminum-zinc casting, plastic injection molding, machining, assembly and surface treatment processes, specializing in molds and customer automation equipment.

Demonstration evaluation: Testing aluminum alloy castings, the surface is somewhat reflective, small hole diameter 6mm, depth 20-30mm, large hole diameter 20mm, depth 50-60mm. With 4mm LED handle, with Yateks “strong light suppression processing function” instead of using P410 fiber to see the reflection is much better. They think highly of Yateks products and they thought we are responsible.

A demonstration of a domestic mold company

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