Industrial Endoscope Lens Precautions

1.Make sure that the insertion tube and the lens are in a straightened state before starting work, and it is strictly forbidden to turn around when the insertion tube is in a curled state;

2.During the inspection process, avoid excessive bending of the insertion tube to avoid damage to the optical fiber;

3.Do not squeeze, beat, or bend the pipeline to avoid failure of the pipeline system.

4.The pipeline should be as little as possible to be soaked in water. If you need to go deep into the water for testing, do not soak it for more than 30 minutes. After testing, the surface of the pipeline has water droplets, please wipe it clean in time.

5.Do not use the endoscope in an environment over 60°C.

6.The endoscope is a precision instrument, please do not twist the movable joint part to avoid damage.

7.When the front end is in a bent state, please do not force it to straighten it with your hands. Please control the front end to return by operating the rocker on the main unit.

8.When using the instrument for testing, if the front end is stuck, do not forcefully pull it out.

9.Do not let the front lens of the lens collide violently with hard objects to prevent the lens from breaking. Endoscope lines cannot be dragged on the ground to avoid damage.

10.Do not bend or knot the pipeline, and make appropriate bending (minimum bending radius 300mm).

11.It is forbidden to operate the detected object under live conditions, so as not to cause electric shock.

12.Do not look directly at the strong light source emitted from the end of the endoscope lens at close range to avoid strong light affecting vision.

13.Do not install the endoscope battery backwards.

14.Please use the original charger to charge.

15.Long-term use of this product will cause stains on the objective lens of the lens, resulting in unclear images, and the lens needs to be cleaned. Please take the titanium alloy protective layer at the front of the lens and use a clean cloth to wipe off the stains on the surface of the objective lens before use.

16.After use, you should turn off the power first, clean the main unit, pipeline, probe and other parts, first put the main unit into the box, and then slowly place the insertion tube carefully according to the pipeline path of the box, and put the probe on. Protective cover, then close the top cover of the box and lock the lock.

17.It is forbidden to use or store the instrument in places with explosive, strong electromagnetic fields and flammable gas, otherwise it may cause fire or explosion.

18.If the instrument is faulty, please contact the manufacturer and do not disassemble it without authorization.

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