Easy-to-use and easy-to-sterilize multifunctional veterinary endoscope – Yateks V series.

Are you looking for a veterinary endoscope with a wide range of sizes and versatility?

Are you looking for a veterinary endoscope with a wide range of sizes and versatility?

1.What are the product specifications for Yateks’ V-Series Veterinary Endoscopy?

The V series has a variety of models with different specifications. It can meet the different needs of customers. It has a 2.8mm diameter camera and a 5.8mm diameter camera. Both are available in two lengths: 0.6m insertion tube and 1m insertion tube. Small animals such as rabbits and large diameters can use for large animals such as horses and sheep.

Flexible Portable VIDEO Bronchoscope

2.What are the product features of Yateks’ V-Series Veterinary Endoscopy?

Functionally, the V series can also realize the integration of gastroscope and bronchoscope. Usually, a 1-meter insertion tube can insert into the stomach as a gastroscope. or only into the respiratory tract as a bronchoscope.
1.Our matching negative pressure brake can use as a treatment accessory when used as a gastroscope. The veterinarian can use the negative pressure brake to connect the syringe through the catheter and then pull the syringe. Using the internal and external pressure difference, the animal can suck out of the abdominal cavity through the V series’s working channel. The effusion. Methods for the treatment of peritoneal effusion by V-Series veterinary endoscopy. It can avoid traumatic surgical treatment and allow pets to recover faster.
2. As a bronchoscope, we can provide foreign body forceps and Biopsy forceps in various specifications. When a pet accidentally swallows a toy or other foreign body in the respiratory tract, the foreign body can remove without injury through the working channel of the V series veterinary endoscope. Veterinarians can extend Foreign body forceps into working pipes. V-series endoscopes can see the location of foreign bodies. The camera head has two-way articulation for 180°bending. It can capture foreign objects very accurately through Foreign body forceps, which significantly reduces pets’ pain.
3. Biopsy forceps are also accessories used within the working channel by extending into it. It is mainly used for routine physical examination of pets. Or tissue extraction from diseased sites. When it is difficult for us to judge the specific cause of the pet by its state, the V series can help you judge the cause. It can accurately extract the physiological tissue of the diseased part through Biopsy forceps, which dramatically reduces the time for veterinary diagnosis.
The V-series veterinary endoscope has excellent functionality. The weight of the whole machine is only about 0.6KG. It is very light and easy to carry, and it will not feel tired when holding it for a long time. The accessories for the V-Series veterinary endoscopes contain a complete set of sterilization props. Including leak detector, Disinfection cap, Cleaning brush (long), Cleaning brush (short), T-branch pipe. If you need a detailed disinfection instruction video, we can also conduct a video disinfection demonstration online.
If you are interest in our V series veterinary endoscopes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.


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