Creating a better tomorrow-annual party at the end of the year.

Creating a better tomorrow1

Author: Ella

Date: 2020/03/20

On January 10, 2020, the annual party of Shenzhen yateks Co., Ltd. was successfully held in the Kaihai Hotel, Zhonghai, Shenzhen! Mr. George Zheng, general manager of yateks, joined hundreds of employees to celebrate the achievements of 2019 and welcome the arrival of 2020.

We are grateful to have a talented team and even more thankful for our wonderful customers, We will do better in 2020

Creating a better tomorrow

Let us all now drink a toast to the future success of the yateks.

Creating a better tomorrow

In the new year, we will continue to work hard to be the world’s leading R & D and manufacturer of industrial endoscopes and oil monitoring products, continue to provide our customers with better services as well as more valuable products, while helping yateks achieve higher goals.
New year, new journey, we have more expectations and dreams! Cheers!

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