Application of industrial endoscopes in building inspection

Appearance inspection of buildings and bridges is an important part of the operation and maintenance of public facilities. Because some parts of the building components have narrow gaps, the inspection cannot be carried out by conventional inspection means. With the help of industrial endoscopes, a comprehensive and detailed inspection can be effectively carried out. Industrial endoscopes are easy to operate, real-time image transmission, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, and other advantages can effectively improve the quality of inspection. In recent years, the industrial endoscope in construction projects have been widely used, such as bridge inspection, housing inspection, elevator inspection, pipeline inspection, etc., the following to do some specific analysis.

1, bridge detection:

Industrial endoscope for bridge boom detection, can detect corrosion, fracture, broken wire and other conditions of the steel wire inside the protection jacket. In addition, the industrial endoscope can detect some conditions of the concrete inside the bridge. Whether there are quality defects such as poor pounding, layering, loosening, slagging, etc. What is the industrial endoscope for daily maintenance inspection? Check the internal steel corrosion, bridge internal cracks, cracks; building pile column detection; bridge lighting fixtures internal lines, facilities defects detection, etc.

2, housing inspection:

Detection of internal conditions of housing walls, cover roofs, beams and columns, etc. Detection of internal foreign bodies, corrosion, rust and corrosion of piping facilities. View the ventilation system, network cables, electrical appliances, electrical equipment, etc. Installation or internal blockage, foreign bodies, corrosion, rust and corrosion.

3, the detection of the elevator:

In the process of maintenance of elevators, it is possible to detect electrical equipment such as motors and electrical cabinets of elevators by endoscopy. Failure of bearings, conveyor assembly, traction groove pulley and wire rope wear degree, and timely make maintenance plan according to the detection situation.

4, pipeline detection:

The endoscope can be used to detect internal problems, blockages, rust, corrosion, foreign objects and other abnormalities in various pipes for municipal or industrial water supply as well as drainage and ventilation. The rust and corrosion inside the hydrant is regularly tested and maintained to avoid the inability to use the firefighting facilities in case of emergency.

Industrial Endoscope in the application of a well-known daily chemical company

Yateks M series industrial endoscope, 360 ° mechanical arbitrary steering, 180 ° bending. It can automatically lock the direction and precisely locate. In different working environments, the insertion tube of M series can change in length, tube diameter and lens. This can meet different needs and reduce the cost of use. To inspect the appearance of buildings and bridges, M series industrial borescope is a good choice.


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