Application of hydraulic oil contamination monitoring

Our production can not be separated from the equipment, equipment in the operation process through the naked eye is difficult to detect the inherent problems. Some companies use online monitoring of the state of the fluid to achieve intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment. Online monitoring of hydraulic oil contamination in the field of industrial equipment and machinery has a wide range of applications.

1. Hydraulic oil contamination monitoring applications in what areas?

(1) Preventive maintenance of equipment

Monitoring of hydraulic oil contamination can help implement preventive maintenance measures, timely detection of potential problems and take appropriate measures to prevent mechanical equipment failure and damage caused by hydraulic oil contamination.

(2) Equipment fault diagnosis

Hydraulic system failure, monitoring the degree of contamination of hydraulic oil can help diagnose the cause of the failure. Determine whether it is related to hydraulic oil contamination, thus guiding the repair and maintenance work.

(3)The performance evaluation of equipment:

By monitoring the degree of contamination of the hydraulic oil, you can assess the working status and performance of the hydraulic system, timely adjustment and optimisation of equipment operating parameters to improve the operational efficiency and performance of the equipment.

(4)The quality control of the fluid

Monitoring the degree of contamination of hydraulic oil helps to ensure that the quality of hydraulic oil meets the relevant standards and regulations, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the hydraulic system.

(5)Environmental protection

Regular monitoring of the degree of contamination of the hydraulic fluid can reduce the hydraulic oil pollution of the environment and the impact on human health, to help protect the environment and personnel safety.

2. The hydraulic oil pollution monitoring equipment commonly used

(1) Laser particle counter

Used to measure the number of particles in the hydraulic oil and size distribution, assess the degree of contamination of hydraulic oil.

(2) Infrared spectrometer

By measuring the infrared spectrum of hydraulic oil, the content of oxidation products and other pollutants in the oil is analysed to assess the quality of hydraulic oil.

(3) Moisture detector

Used to measure the moisture content in the hydraulic oil, assess the degree of dryness of the hydraulic oil.

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of monitoring the degree of contamination of hydraulic oil

(1) Prevention of equipment failure

The ability to detect contaminants in the hydraulic oil in a timely manner, prevent hydraulic system failure, reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

(2)  improve equipment reliability

By monitoring the degree of contamination of the hydraulic oil, you can adjust the maintenance plan in time to extend the service life of the equipment and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment.

(3) Saving the operation and maintenance costs of the equipment

Can accurately assess the health of the hydraulic oil, to avoid unnecessary oil replacement and maintenance, saving costs.

(4) Protect the environment

Reduce the waste hydraulic oil pollution of the environment, protect the environment and personnel health.

4. The hydraulic oil contamination monitoring can be applied to which places

In some important places, such as aircraft, steel mills, coal mines, wind power generation, etc., it is recommended that with the hydraulic oil contamination monitoring device on the equipment with predictive maintenance management, to prevent failure and cause more problems.

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