Yateks V series veterinary endoscope: non-invasively monitor your pet’s health

Pets are inseparable partners in our lives. They bring us happiness just like our family. When their health is threatened, we hope to treat them while minimizing their pain. V series veterinary endoscopes It can be a good help for your pet’s non-invasive monitoring and treatment.

veterinary endoscope

The V series of veterinary endoscopes are light and compact, easy to carry, and will not feel tired when held for a long time. It is equipped with a variety of diameters of 2.8mm, 3.8mm, 4.8mm, and 5.8mm, and two insertion tubes of 0.6m and 1m, with a 3.8mm configuration. There are 1.2mm working channels, 4.8mm is equipped with 2.2mm working channels, and 5.8mm is equipped with 2.6mm working channels. There are many models and specifications for you to choose the most suitable one under different circumstances.

Small Animal Video Bronchoscope

The insertion tube is poly coated, smooth and soft, and will not cause damage to the pet’s body.The strong sealing and waterproofness ensure that it can be soaked in the disinfectant during cleaning to prevent bacterial infection.

Insert the tube 180° in both directions, there is no obstacle when turning in the body, so you can watch any corner you want to observe, all digital transmission technology

Full digital lossless video transmission technology to have greater image details.

Multifunctional operating software: One key exposure inhibition, which reduces the brightness when the exposure is too strong to make the picture clearer and closer to the actual situation in the body.

One key white balance: To reduce the influence of the color temperature of the light source, the V series can automatically monitor and adjust the color temperature to prevent the color cast of the picture and make the color of the picture more realistic.

RGB adjustment: You can manually adjust the screen color, so that the color is displayed as the best observation state in your mind, highlighting internal details, and accurately finding the lesion.

IPS Touch screen: IPS full view; 1:1 full field display; 4 inch capacitive touch screen; rich color and nice color rendition.

The display screen can be rotated by 180° horizontally and 120° vertically, which is convenient to directly present to each other when used by multiple people, and the screen can be presented at the best angle under different surgical conditions.

A variety of accessories make your work more worry-free: equipped with a pressure gauge, a waterproof cap, a long cleaning brush and a short cleaning brush, to ensure the cleaning in the pipeline and the disinfection of the whole machine, so that you can use it more at ease.

Equipped with a negative pressure brake, it can suck up the ascites in the body.

in addition, it is also equipped with picking forceps, foreign body clamps and live forceps, which are convenient for removing foreign bodies in the working pipeline. It is non-invasive and allows your pet to recover more quickly.

Cost-effective and high-quality service, to provide you with the most favorable price and the best service, any questions about the product will be answered and supported within 12 hours of the working day.

If you are a veterinarian who has never touched an endoscope, please don’t worry, we will arrange online video training to introduce and answer you in detail about the working performance and use method of the veterinary endoscope, as well as the methods of disinfection and cleaning. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the function is powerful.It has a very good role as a main medical device and an auxiliary medical device.

Yateks veterinary endoscopes are sold to veterinary hospitals around the world. Customers have very good comments on this equipment. We also have distributors of veterinary endoscopes in Australia, Taiwan, and Europe. Our distributors in Australia make The detailed process of using the endoscope can be viewed at


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