Yateks industrial borescope is a good tool for car maintenance inspection

At present, the industrial borescopes on the market can be roughly divided into these types: rigid tube optical borescopes, fiber optic borescopes and electronic borescopes.


In the early days, fiber optic borescopes were widely used in the field of car inspection and maintenance because they were easy to bend, and it was more convenient to detect the internal mechanism and parts of the car. Then came the electronic video borescope. Because of its built-in image processing system, it can present the detection picture on the screen in real time, and the image is clear, the probe is flexible, and it can also take pictures and videos, and it is widely used in the automotive field.



In the automotive industry, industrial videoscopes are used for many purposes. For example, in the automobile manufacturing process, industrial borescopes can be used to detect burrs and casting defects inside the automobile engine, and non-destructive inspection can be realized without disassembling the engine. This greatly reduces costs and improves efficiency.

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In terms of automobile maintenance, borescopes can be used to check carbon deposits, blockages, wear and other problems in gearboxes, engines, mufflers, fuel pipes and other equipment. For example, the gearbox has gear failure or abnormal noise. You can use the microscopic borescope probe to put it into the gap of the faulty component for inspection, and then determine the location of the damage for analysis and maintenance. In terms of car maintenance, for example, you can use an borescope to record and store the carbon deposits inside the engine before maintenance, and compare the pictures after maintenance to intuitively see the effect of carbon deposit removal maintenance.


The application fields of industrial videoscopes are very wide. For industrial borescopes, the automotive industry only belongs to a branch. Industrial borescopes can inspect narrow areas of automobiles such as engines, fuel tanks, braking systems, intake and exhaust valves, and cylinders without dismantling auto parts. The condition of the wall and the wall of the combustion chamber.


Yateks has different types of borescopes in different application fields. If you have needs, you can contact us in time.

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