What is on-line monitoring of ship main engine oil?

  1. What is the oil online monitoring of the main engine of the ship?

On-line oil monitoring of ship main engine refers to real-time monitoring of the oil status of ship main engine by installing sensors, data collectors and other equipment, and performing data analysis and early warning.

  1. Requirements for oil product monitoring of ship main engine

The requirements for oil product monitoring of ship main engines mainly include the following aspects:

(1)The oil product needs to comply with the relevant standards and specifications used by ships;

(2) Oil products cannot be expired or overused;

  1. Oil products need to be kept clean and clean without contamination or impurities.

At present, there are mainly the following methods for marine oil monitoring:

(1)Traditional off-line oil sampling and laboratory testing methods;

(2) Online oil monitoring technology, including intelligent online oil monitoring equipment, marine oil online monitoring system, etc.;

  1. What equipment does the ship need to monitor oil?

The equipment that ships need to monitor oil mainly includes main engines, generators, marine engines, etc.

There are many reasons why ships need to monitor oil, mainly including the following aspects:

  • Ensure the normal operation of the equipment and avoid equipment failure and downtime losses;

(2 )Improve the reliability and stability of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment;

(3 ) Guarantee worker safety and environmental protection;

  • Optimize maintenance strategies to achieve lean production and sustainable development.
  1. The importance of oil monitoring to ships

The importance of oil monitoring to ships is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  • It can improve the reliability and stability of ship equipment, reduce equipment failure and downtime, and improve production efficiency and economic benefits;
  • It can guarantee the safety of workers and environmental protection, and avoid oil leakage and pollution;
  • It can optimize the maintenance strategy, realize lean production and sustainable development, and improve the competitiveness and market position of the ship.

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