Use non-invasive methods to remove foreign bodies swallowed by pets.

At present, more and more people are starting to keep pets, and pets have become important companions in people’s lives

With the gradual expansion of the pet market demand, a variety of pet toys have appeared on the market. such as cat sticks for playing with cats, toy balls for playing with dogs, etc. For small toys, they may swallow as food when pets play. Yateks’ V series veterinary endoscope can solve the problem of cats and dogs swallowing toys by mistake. V series veterinary endoscope is an endoscope used to detect small animals. such as cats and dogs, where the detection site is the bronchus or stomach.

Veterinary endoscopy for pet clinic

1.Yateks veterinary endoscope comes with a working channel.

Customers can choose Foreign body forceps and Biopsy forceps to work together. The front end of the foreign body forceps has very slender jaws. It can hold foreign objects of any shape very firmly. Foreign body baskets are usually only used to grab ball-shaped objects.

2.Foreign body forceps are not limited by the shape of the foreign body.

It can change the direction with the rotation of the probe very flexibly. This allows the doctor to grasp the animal while observing the animal’s body. which greatly improves the treatment efficiency.Through this quality method, the large area of wounds caused by surgery can be greatly reduced, so that pets will bear less pain and recover faster.

3.For Biopsy forceps. its jaws are shorter, and it can also change direction flexibly with the bending of the probe, which can help the veterinarian accurately locate the part that needs to be grasped. Biopsy forceps has two lengths to choose from so that customers can meet more applications

veterinary endoscope

Besides to Biopsy forceps and Foreign body forceps. veterinary endoscopes are also equipped with various other accessories. equipped with a leak detector, a waterproof cap, a long cleaning brush, and a short cleaning brush, to ensure the cleaning in the pipeline. and the disinfection of the whole machine, so that you can use it more at ease. We are also equipped with a T-branch pipe, negative pressure brake, and rubber plug . For working channels. these accessories can use in combination to increase the pressure in the probe. and the disinfectant can clean to every part of the probe.

Using a waterproof cap at the connection between the probe and the screen. The insertion tube is poly-coated, smooth and soft, and will not cause damage to the pet’s body. The strong sealing and waterproofness ensure that it can soake in the disinfectant during cleaning to prevent bacterial infection. the entire probe can be immersed in the disinfectant for full disinfection

In addition to the practical working pipes and accessories, the V series itself also has very powerful functions:

The V series veterinary endoscope has a 4 inch IPS Touch screen, rich color, and nice color rendition. The display screen can be rotated by 180° horizontally and 120° vertically, which is convenient to directly present to each other when used by multiple people, and the screen can be presented at the best angle under different surgical conditions. A variety of lens diameters and the length of the insertion tube can be selected, in addition to small animals such as cats and dogs, it can also be used for horses, It can meet the needs of most veterinarians..

Yateks’ V series veterinary endoscope is the first choice for veterinary practical tools. Its clear imaging can help the veterinarian to see all the details. and the working channel can carry out the treatment of removing the foreign body. It is a very functional and practical product, and the price is also very competitive. If you are interested in this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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