Congratulations! Yateks YPM8 Oil Wear Debirs Sensor has passed SGS Performance Tested.

Recently, SGS, an internationally recognised testing, inspection and certification organisation, and Yateks successfully held an in-depth cooperation and exchange meeting at Yateks’s Baolong Industrial Park, and held SGS’s first Sensor Premium Performance Certification at the Yateks Baolong Industrial Park.

Mr Zheng Xinli, Vice President of SGS China, Mr Zheng Kai, Director of Consumer Electronics Division of SGS Interconnection and Products Business Group, George zheng, General Manager of Yateks, and other important guests from both sides attended the ceremony.

Yateks’ YFM8 Oil Debris sensors have passed SGS’s rigorous environmental-type tests of high and low temperatures, humidity and heat cycles, shock and vibration, and package drop, as well as regulatory-type tests including EMC and safety. After the test verification, the sensor’s life and functionality are in line with the claim, and finally obtained the first Premium Performance Certificate issued by SGS under the Sensor Trust programme.

In the future, both parties will further deepen their cooperation in the field of oil sensors, and SGS will continue to provide quality certification for Yateks’s domestic and international market promotion, which will help Yateks to actively develop domestic and international markets and enhance its brand awareness and competitiveness in the industry.

At the certification ceremony, SGS said: “As an internationally recognised third-party testing and certification organisation, SGS is a global benchmark for quality and integrity, and has always been at the forefront of the industry. sgs is actively involved in the development of international regulations and standards, and has a deep understanding of the standard requirements, which enables us to gain a timely insight into the development trends of the international market. Through the audit and certification, the SGS expert team examined Yateks’s sensor technology, safety management, hardware and software development, and technical support in all aspects of the whole process, and awarded Yateks’s Premium Performance certificate for oil sensor performance after professional evaluation.


Since 2021, SGS has been cooperating with Yateks in the OCM-Online® (Quality Wise Runway®) project. After more than two years of verification and screening, the product technology, R&D and service advantages of Yateks, witnessed by SGS’s Sensor Trust programme, have become an opportunity for both parties to cooperate in depth. The first oil sensor performance certification authorised and recognised by SGS, this time Yateks, to the maximum extent, reflects the strong combination of the two sides, 1+1>2 resource integration advantages, can effectively expand the business scope of the two sides, accelerate the entry of products into the target market, and help SGS and Yateks in the fierce competition in the market to achieve greater success.”


Yateks’s oil monitoring sensors and other products have been recognised by a number of authoritative certification bodies at home and abroad. Yateks has been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, with innovation as the source of power and customers first as the service tenet, focusing on providing oil monitoring solutions for customers around the world. In order to allow users to use safe and secure products, the company has invested a large number of personnel and professional testing instruments and equipment to carry out continuous research and development of products and quality testing work, and has been maintaining close cooperation with SGS.

This time, Yateks has reached a deep strategic cooperation with SGS, which is a full affirmation of Yateks’s oil sensor technology and series products. In the future, Yateks will also strictly follow the standard guidelines of SGS, continuously improve the testing process and management system of the laboratory, promote the R&D and application of innovative technologies, enhance the company’s core competitiveness, and jointly promote the innovative development of the intelligent operation and maintenance industry.”


About SGS

SGS is an internationally recognised testing, inspection and certification body with more than 98,000 employees in more than 2,650 branches and laboratories around the world, constituting a global network of services. SGS SGS Technical Services Limited was established in 1991 by the SGS Group and the China Standards Technology Group under the State Administration of Market Supervision system, and now has 90 branches and more than 200 laboratories nationwide, with more than 16,000 well-trained professionals.


About Yateks

Yateks is a professional supplier of industrial non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for equipment troubleshooting and oil condition monitoring. It is dedicated to providing high quality Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) tools and oil analysis equipment for manufacturing in the aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and power generation industries.

Since its establishment in 2003, Yateks has been focusing on the development, manufacture and sales of non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment for equipment troubleshooting and condition monitoring, including industrial borescopes and oil analysis equipment. The products are widely used in aerospace, automotive casting, oil & energy, power, etc. Yateks adheres to the customer-centred service concept, and its products have been exported to 80 countries and regions in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc. Yateks has exclusive distributors and partners in many countries to provide localised and quality service and support.

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