Infrared Thermometer

Forehead thermometer measures the body temperature based on the infrared energy emitted from the forehead. Users can quickly get measurement results after positioning properly the temperature probe on the forehead.

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What is infrared thermometer?

The infrared thermometer is a kind of clinical thermometer. The working principle of the forehead thermometer is different from traditional clinical thermometers. The infrared thermometer does not need to touch the human body when it works. According to the human body's thermal radiation, the infrared thermometer can detect the body temperature.

How forehead thermometer work?

There is a transparent mirror on the infrared forehead thermometer. It is used to collect infrared light emitted by objects. Transparency focuses the collected infrared light on the detector. We call this detector a thermopile. The thermopile converts the absorbed infrared radiation into heat. In this way, the temperature of the object is displayed without touching the thing.

What are the advantages of infrared forehead thermometer?

The most significant advantage of the infrared forehead thermometer is non-contact detection. First, the time the non-contact thermometer takes to detect the temperature is greatly shortened. An infrared thermometer can detect the body temperature of an object in one second. When the body temperature needs to be detected in crowded places, an infrared forehead thermometer can quickly see the temperature. The second aspect is that a contactless thermometer can avoid cross-infection. Airborne testing will not pass germs from one person to another. An infrared thermometer blocked the spread of the disease.