What is Articulating Borescopes?

What is Articulating Borescopes and how it works?

Articulating borescope is 4 way articulating video borescope. Articulating endoscope has a very flexible probe so that the user can detect any narrow areas.

It has an insertion tube of a videoscope usually consists of four inside steel wires for 4-way direction control. On both ends of four steel wires, there are securing parts to make both ends fixed. To achieve the flexibility of articulating endoscope as well as reliability, the bending section at the front end and the joystick at the back end are the most critical. By moving the joystick at the back end of the articulating borescope, the joystick can drive the four strands steel wires to move and thus drive the front bending section to flexibly move.

What is Articulating Borescopes?

That is why articulating borescope achieve the bending angle of 180 degrees. And then how the articulating video borescope can the articulating endoscope be so flexible.

What is Articulating Borescopes?

The picture above is borescope with articulating head. We can also call it articulating video borescope. Without the flexible probe, it’s too hard to inspect the target areas or surfaces and it’s too time-consuming to adjust the probe to the proper position for better checking. In a word, the inflexible probe will greatly lower the working efficiency of inspection.

What’s the difference between articulating borescope and no articulation borescope?

Below is common knowledge of these two types.

Articulating Borescope and No Articulation Borescope

The advantages of Articulating borescope and borescope with articulating head.

Articulating Borescope and No Articulation Borescope 2

What are the application fields of high-definition Articulating borescope?

1. Aerospace industry: products used for inspection of aircraft structural frames, engines, and blades

2. Automobile production and maintenance: inspection products for auto parts and engines

3. Electric power production and construction units: used for endoscope inspection of wind power plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants and electric power construction units.

4. Precision casting and machinery manufacturing: used in the production of mechanical parts and products for inspection of casting units

5. Petroleum, chemical and pressure vessel industries: testing products for petroleum, chemical and pressure vessel industries

6. Railways, ships, construction projects, research units: testing products for locomotives, turbines, engineering, and food pipelines

7. National defense and security: used for public safety inspections

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How Articulating Borescopes Achieve 180 Degree Bending Angle2

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