Yateks Receives U.S. Invention Patent Authorization

December 6th, the research, and development technology of Yateks Industrial Video Endoscope project made new progress. Among them, “ENDOSCOPE LOCKING METHOD” was granted a US invention patent (patent grant number: US 11,045,068 B2). This technological achievement is one of our company’s independent research and development of industrial endoscope products. The team members of the endoscopy team take the product’s economy, practicality, and convenience as the starting point to enhance the product’s global competitiveness.

At present, the angle control of endoscopes on the market is divided into two types: manual control and electric control.

Disadvantages of the manual control method:

1. The control method cannot achieve any angle lock at the locking angle.

2.It cannot be operated with one hand; it is more laborious to lock.

3.High-strength use will affect the service life of the steel wire.

Disadvantages of electric control method:

  1. The user holds the outer sleeve of the endoscope with one hand to observe the object, and the other hand performs critical operations to lock the signal. In this way, the practicability of the electric control endoscope is significantly reduced.

To overcome the shortcomings of the above two control methods, the invention proposes a device and method that can conveniently perform fixed-point locking and follow-up locking of an endoscope with one hand. The invention realizes the function of tracking and locking the bending angle of the front end of the endoscope with one hand. It solves practical problems such as the discomfort of the manual control mode of the endoscope during high-intensity use, the lock at any angle, the service life of the steel wire lock, and the one-handed operation.

The patent is an important indicator to measure an enterprise’s technological innovation ability and level. Invention patents are the patents with the highest technical content, both domestically and abroad. Yateks through the innovation of endoscope technology, process, and equipment. Independently developed multiple series of industrial endoscope products. This patent is the latest achievement of Yateks endoscopy technology research and development. At present, the company has obtained 31 domestic invention patents, two overseas invention patents (Europe and the United States), 11 utility models, 11 software copyrights, and overseas appearance There are four patents, three domestic appearances, and several product technologies are the first at home and abroad.

In recent years, Yateks has actively implemented the internationalization strategy of intellectual property rights and has increased its efforts in foreign patent applications for the company’s core and cutting-edge technologies. The invention patent of Yateks has been authorized by the United States, demonstrating the company’s intense technical research and development strength and improving the core competitiveness of its products. At the same time, it also provides strong technical support and guarantees for the sustainable development of Yateks in the international market. Yateks has a complete scientific research system and a continuously strong R&D team. Its self-developed industrial endoscopes and oil monitoring and analysis instruments are exported to more than 30 countries and regions. Customers have received the product quality well at home and abroad.


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