Yateks industrial endoscope is used for valve block inspection of automobile hydraulic power unit

The industrial borescope insertion tube can enter into the narrow hole for intuitive image inspection. Industrial endoscopes are non-destructive and can be operated by users after simple training. Therefore, it has a very wide range of applications in various industrial fields. In the detection of hydraulic valve blocks, it is mainly used for the cleanliness inspection of the inner hole and the detection of surface damage during processing.


1) The hydraulic valve block is an important part of the hydraulic system. The inner hole of the valve block using the die-casting process often forms machining burrs. The metal solid particles formed by the burr falling off enter the hydraulic system, which will contaminate the hydraulic oil, may block the valve body and pipeline, cause the failure of the hydraulic system components, and also bring serious vibration and noise. Therefore, auto parts manufacturers often improve the cleanliness of valve blocks through various deburring processes.

2) The surface damage of the hydraulic valve block during the machining process also has a great impact on the hydraulic system, which will lead to problems such as oil leakage between the valve bodies during use. There are many reasons for this kind of damage, some of which are because the chips are not removed in time during the machining process, adhere to the tool or remain on the machined surface, and the movement of the tool makes the surface of the hydraulic valve block scratched; or the tool exceeds the service life and breaks, Or the blade becomes dull, causing damage to the surface of the hydraulic valve block, etc.

The diameter of the inner hole of the hydraulic valve block of the automobile power unit can range from nearly 3 to 20mm. We adopt a detection scheme with one main engine equipped with multiple pipelines, which effectively saves the cost for customers. In this scheme, a 2mm small diameter insertion pipeline is selected, which can be used to detect the inner hole of the valve block with a small inner diameter, mainly to check whether the internal burrs are clean and in place. Equipped with a side-view lens and an insertion line with a diameter of 6mm, it can be used for inspection of inner holes with larger inner diameters, and it is used to check the surface damage that may be caused by the tool.

Yateks borescope insertion tube

What are the specifications of Yateks industrial borescopes?

Yateks industrial borescopes have clear images, stable performance and reliable quality. Conventional pipelines are available in various specifications such as 2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 6mm, 8mm, etc., which are suitable for different detection conditions. Users can customize 1-10m pipelines according to their needs. The 360-degree steering has no dead angle, and the one-way bending angle of the probe is ≥180°, which can effectively cover a larger area. It can also be equipped with different specifications of straight, side-view, near-focus, and tele-focus lenses according to customer needs, which can be used for inner hole detection of various specifications and different inner diameters, applied to various detection scenarios, and has a wide range of applicability.

endoscope in car maintenance

Yateks has always adhered to independent innovation, strived to polish technology, and is committed to providing more reliable and high-quality products for users from all walks of life. Over the years, we have served dozens of auto parts and vehicle manufacturers domestic and overseas, providing them with industrial endoscope products used in different scenarios.


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