What industrial endoscopes bring to the automotive industry visual inspection?

Industrial endoscopes use the principle of image transmission and soft bending properties to probe deep into bent pipes, allowing effective close inspection of hidden parts, the ability to observe internal structure and condition in sealed cavities, and the ability to achieve long-distance observation and operation. The inspection range covers weld surface defect inspection, internal cavity inspection, condition inspection, assembly inspection, redundancy inspection, etc. It can be used in different industries like aerospace industry, electric power production, construction units, petroleum, chemical, pressure vessel industry, railway, ship, construction engineering, research units, automotive repair and production, precision casting and machinery manufacturing, national defence and military security, security inspection and other industries. Let’s learn more about the use of industrial endoscopes in the automotive repair and production industry.

The industrial borescope is simple, flexible and portable, the soft, small, fexible insertion tube allows it access to any parts that needs to be inspected, making industrial endoscopes widely available for use in the automotive repair and production industry, mainly in the inspection and diagnosis of automotive engines, cylinders, oil pressure components, fuel pipes, engines, mufflers, delivery and air conditioning systems, differentials, water tanks, fuel tanks, gearboxes, such as wear, carbon, blockage and other conditions.

As an important branch of non-destructive testing, the industrial endoscope avoids damage caused by repeated disassembly of automotive components, improves inspection efficiency and reduces repair costs. Let’s see what automotive problems can be solved with the use of an automotive endoscope.


(1) Piston carbon check

The structure of car carbon is similar to a sponge. When carbon is formed at the valve, some of the fuel injected into the cylinder will be adsorbed, which will eventually lead to poor engine performance and abnormal phenomena such as difficult starting, unstable idling, poor acceleration and increased fuel consumption. Carbon build-up can be checked by dismantling the car engine or by observing feedback voltage changes, but both methods require a high degree of professionalism and can easily cause damage to the equipment.

The use of industrial borescope inspection, because the industrial borescope tube can pass through the spark plug hole or injection nozzle, you can directly observe the cylinder internal failure of all kinds, very intuitive and convenient.

(2) Auto parts inspection

Inspection of automotive parts inside whether there are cracks, pigmentation, etc., the measured hole curved, the smallest parts only 4mm diameter, normal inspection is couldn’t observe it clearly. Yateks provide a minimum diameter of 2.0 mm probe, which allows easy access to the interior for detailed observation, can solve this problem perfectly.

(3) Inspection of automobile castings

The inspection of automobile castings is mainly to check the internal impurities and rough spots of the product. However, the diameters of automobile castings are different, and there are corners, which are not convenient for direct observation. The industrial endoscope of Yatai Optoelectronics can be turned mechanically at 360°, bend at 180°, and automatically lock the direction, which is very convenient and accurate.

(4) Engine cylinder inspection

Use industrial endoscopes to observe whether the inner wall of the cylinder liner is scratched or strained, whether there is ablation on the top surface of the piston, serious carbon deposits, fouling, and the distribution of carbon deposits around the combustion chamber and the degree of carbon deposits, whether there is carbon deposit on the exhaust valve and the sealing condition of the seal ring belt, etc., based on the observation and the photo/video analysis of abnormal phenomena, to decide whether disassemble the engine or maintain it.

endoscope in car maintenance

Yateks M series industrial endoscope adopts a mechanical rocker control structure, 360° mechanical joystick at will, 4-way maximum 180° bending, which can quickly and accurately find faults and defects. And the weight of the whole unit only 0.75KG, which is more convenient to operate. At the same time, the insertion tube can be replaced easily, the host can be matched with different insertion probes, which not only meets the needs of customers in various aspects, but also saves costs greatly.

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