What are the advantages and uses of industrial endoscopes?

Industrial endoscope, usually called industrial video endoscope. It can enter the curved and narrow interior through the pipeline. An industrial non-destructive testing instrument for observing the inner surface features or running status of objects through an external display. Realize the extension of the line of sight. It is a non-destructive testing equipment with a very wide range of applications.

Yateks industrial endoscope has the following advantages:

  1. Using unique production technology. The diameter of the probe and the insertion tube can be extremely thin (2-8mm). It can flexibly pass through narrow gaps or pipes.
  2. The probe and tungsten wire wear-resistant braided pipeline are dustproof and waterproof. It can detect the environment with water in a short time.
  3. Ultra-high brightness front LED lighting or rear fiber optic lighting. The internal situation can be clearly observed even in total darkness.
  4. The pipeline has very good flexibility. It can pass through multiple bends.
  5. The probe adopts a hard titanium alloy protective shell. It can effectively protect the lens when passing through the rough detection surface.
  6. The outer layer of the tungsten wire braided tube is anti-corrosion and more wear-resistant. It can be used in harsher testing environments.
  7. The clear image display is more intuitive. Make the internal surface defect status clear at a glance.
  8. Photographing and video recording functions can perform a more detailed analysis of faults or defects.

The application range of industrial endoscopes is very wide. Common application areas are:

  1. Energy power plants:

equipment testing of various power plants and power construction units. Including different equipment such as turbines, pipelines, boilers, valves, pressure vessels, etc. The detection of components inside can promptly find hidden dangers and eliminate them.

  1. Aerospace:

Damage to the engine blades, cracks in the combustion chamber, falling off of the flame tube positioning block, etc. Industrial endoscopes (hole probes) can play a detection role. He can help with accurate diagnosis, timely maintenance and treatment, and eliminate hidden dangers as soon as possible.

  1. Petrochemical industry:

used for inspection of pipelines, heat exchangers, reactors, high-pressure vessels, boilers, catalytic devices, etc.

  1. Shipbuilding industry:

it can be used to inspect all parts of the engine. Air conditioning system, boiler flame, pipeline inspection.

  1. Rail transit:

It can be used to detect gearboxes, ventilation systems, pipelines and other components of various trains.

  1. Automobile manufacturing:

used for the inspection and quality control of engine blocks, cylinder heads, hydraulic parts, oil circuits and cylinders, fuel injection nozzles, etc.

  1. Machining:

used for the quality inspection and quality control of blind holes, straight holes, and staggered holes in the machining process.

  1. Foundry industry:

quality inspection of castings such as pores, cracks, sand and slag in the inner cavity of various die-casting products.

  1. Food medicine machine:

the welding situation of the stainless steel welds inside the clean stainless steel pipes for food and medical use. Detect weld scars, weld bumps, cracks, leaks, incomplete penetration, oxide color and other weld surface formation conditions of welds, and inspect containers, pipeline welds, welds, weld formations, etc.

  1. Automobile aftermarket:

automobile maintenance engine inspection, carbon deposit inspection of valves, fuel injectors and other components.

  1. Military police equipment:

used in public security, military, inspection agencies, firefighting and other units. Carry out explosion-proof security inspection, urban anti-terrorism, customs inspection, investigation and detection, life search and rescue, etc.

  1. Wind power industry:

used for gearbox testing. Such as rust, wear, pits on the tooth surfaces of medium and high-speed gears and low-speed gears, as well as foreign objects in the box, etc.


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