The application of Yateks industrial endoscope in the food and pharmaceutical industry

The food and pharmaceutical industry uses the most commonly used mechanical equipment such as clean pipes, clean equipment, and purification equipment, while industrial endoscopes can be used in various clean technologies (clean room equipment, purification equipment, etc.) and fluid equipment (pumps, valves, pipelines, etc.) And pipe fittings, fluid systems and other equipment) internal welds of pipes and containers, surface cracks, white spots, sand holes, pores and slag inclusions, weld surface spatter, surface peeling, rust, scale, pits, paint and Corrosion detection etc. Can be used to check the cleanliness of the interior, whether there is any liquid residue, etc.

The use of industrial endoscopes in the inspection of food and pharmaceutical pipelines. Clean pipelines in the food and pharmaceutical industry often have the characteristics of long distances and many bends, and direct visual inspection is difficult to see inside. Endoscopes can enable inspectors to clearly see the pipeline through the comprehensive application of lighting, imaging, and guidance technologies. The integrity of each internal weld seam can avoid the breeding of bacteria, and the quality of the inner wall of the pipeline can be checked comprehensively to avoid pollution of the pipeline environment such as falling off and rust. The above functions can be played in the welding of pipelines, the construction and construction of pipeline systems, and the cleaning and verification links after putting into use. Features of food and pharmaceutical pipeline inspection endoscopes. Generally, low-end video endoscopes have an advantage in price, but they are unavoidably unsatisfactory in terms of completeness, accuracy, and efficiency of pipeline inspection. It is recommended to use mid-to-high-end video endoscope brands.

Yateks industrial endoscope has the following characteristics in the field of pipeline inspection:

  1. Comprehensive performance to create a clear image. More powerful light output means clearer and sharper video and still images from inside the tube. OLED touch screen, clear and convenient, see more subtleties, help to find surface defects in weld seams and pure pipe structures.
  2. Use the easy guide to assist in the detection of curved pipes. The specially designed probes contain soft bends that can be easily guided at 90° bends, helping to reduce wear and tear on equipment, controlling costs and increasing profits.
  3. Ideal combination of durability and ease of use. A variety of optical lenses help optimize the inspection field of view. A variety of optical observation lenses that can be replaced flexibly allow you to observe the weld seam in a more ideal way, including different viewing directions of forward, oblique and sideways, various fields of view, focal lengths, etc., you can have an overview of the weld seam, You can also gain insight into the details and never let go of any suspiciousness.
  4. Use it with more confidence. Mid-to-high-end video endoscopes are often equipped with a strong service team. Yatekshas more than 20 years of professional experience and can quickly provide you with support.


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