T Series Endoscope of Yateks is setting the new trend

Release Date:2016-12-09

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A new model of T series thermal endoscope is approaching the door of the market.

Yateks T-series-infrared-endoscope

T Series Endoscope of Yateks is setting the new trend.

This item is with the smallest infrared image module, and special DDE image enhancement algorithm to make sure clear image, accurate examine, sensitive temperature measurement, and to show the temperature rates online. It makes the thermal measurement and visual inspection combines perfectly.

T Series Endoscope support 80*60 or 160*120 resolution, unique DDE image enhancement algorithm, so that the heat figure is more clear.
It applies to industrial nondestructive inspection, visual inspection, police or anti-terrorist, power distribution cabinet, switches box, valve inspection, flange exposure inspection, pipe inspection, condensation, compressor, bearing inspection etc.
It is an innovation and progress on the basis of thermal products. And Yateks RD is also dealing with more and better features. Yateks will bring them in front of the world soon.
Yateks will keep bringing new and fantastic products to our customers and help you to win more markets with top models!

If you are interested in this thermal imaging endoscope, please contact us for customization.

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