Reference Measurement applied in Industrial Borescope  

With the development of quality control for industrial areas, the demands for industrial borescope have been becoming higher and higher. From an overall view, industrial endoscopes are widely used for inspections in the practice of many industries such as aviation, oil&gas, power generation, automotive manufacturing, railway transportation, etc. to check the defects, cracks, soldering conditions, foreign objects, and other abnormal situations. On market, there are main three types of industrial borescopes such as non-articulating borescopes, articulating borescopes, and measurement borescopes. Many users may have been very familiar with the first two types, so we’d like to share more about the third type -measurement borescope.

As its name shows, measurement borescope is a type of borescope with size measurement function. While doing inspection, this borescope can not only be used to inspect the internal defects or cracks inside the equipment, but also used to find out how serious the defects are. In this case, the measurement results of the length, area and depth of the defected area is needed for evaluation and judgement. Such a borescope is mostly used in aviation industry, as the flight safety for airplanes is extremely essential. However, this requires high technology with advanced algorithm, making the price of such a borescope very high.

We have surveyed many borescope users who has a need of measurement, and the result is that they are only willing to pay for expensive measurement borescope when it’s quite necessary. For some general inspections, they only want the basic measurement of crack length measurement instead of depth or area measurement. That’s one of the reason why our Reference Measurement function is ready for you.

Reference Measurement is to measure a line length by a reference object in the same picture. The principle is “Similar Triangles”. Let me clarify this in an easier and more understandable way:

  • The size of the image captured by camera is affected by the distance between the camera and the object. For example, the close the camera is closer to the object, the bigger image is shown on the captured image. This variant seems to make itvery difficult to measure the actual size of the object because it’s too difficult to control the distance to confirm the zooming ratio.
  • However, do not forget the charm of the Reference in the same image. If there is a Reference object/line in the same image, the distance between the camera and reference object is the same as that between the camera and the object/line to be measured, which means the zooming ratio for both objects is the same. In this case, there are three known data(Actual length of Reference, the pixel value of the reference line and  the pixel value of the length to be measured), then the actual length to be measured can be calculated based on the ratio formula. See below for reference.

  • What applications can the Reference Measurement is used?

    As long as there is a reference object in the same photo and its size is known, it is easy to get the measurement result of any crack size accurately. Except the aviation industry, you can use this reference function in many different industries to find out the defect area and measure the defect size, so that the serious degree of this defect can be evaluated and decided whether to handle it or not. This function offers measurable results, which is quite helpful for some decisions.

    Which borescopes are with additional Reference Measurement function?

    As a professional borescope manufacturer, Yateks is always ready to offer the best solution to our customers in all ways. We understand that this reference measurement function can help lots of customers to do better inspection and report with image and data to their superior, so we have made it the additional feature for those borescope platforms which allows this set of algorithm. Until now, Yateks desktop P Series and new product portable Q Series have this reference measurement function. What’s more, on Q Series, the operating way is more intuitive and user-friendly.

    You can gain this useful additional feature without paying much for the expensive 3D measurement. If you are interested in experiencing this function, please do not hesitate to contact us so that our regional sales manager can demo that function to you. You’re welcomed to try out this new feature!

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