M series industrial borescopes are used to observe the habits of animals and plants

In our daily work, what fields are the endoscopes we usually know about used in? Applied in aviation, auto repair, ship and other fields. Recently, we got feedback from Australian dealers. Yateks M series industrial borescope use to observe the living habits of endangered species and protect animals and plants.

Application Requirements and Environment

Clients were looking for specialized equipment to observe Pygmy Bluetongue Lizards. so they could determine the animal’s location, number and some of its habits. The total length of these lizards is less than 20CM. they refuge in the holes of spiders such as trapdoor spiders, which are about 10mm in diameter and up to 1M in depth. In order to observe these lizards, the need for endoscopes is higher.

Product advantages of the M series

Yateks M series industrial borescope just meets the needs of customers. This series of borescope has a relatively small diameter. it can penetrate into the holes where lizards live. Its operating lever is more flexible, and the required images and videos can be obtained quickly. The durability of the battery is good. This product is cost-effective and has been loved by customers for a long time.
M series base unit can be compatible for different probes such as 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.9mm short tip, 3.9mm UV and 6.0mm UV. Type B base unit can be compatible for for different probes such as regular 3.9mm, 6.0mm, 6.0mm dual camera. One base unit, different insertion tubes. you can gain the best match with the best price to satisfy multiple applications.
How does a borescope use for aeroengine maintenance
Through the endoscope, not only can the living habits of animals and plants be well observed. What’s more, it doesn’t disturb the habitat. It’s amazing that our dealers can think outside the box. Such applications would not traditionally be considered, and the result is an amazingly valuable ecological and conservation project.
Distributors say customers are satisfied with our products. They will be introduced to more people in this field. which will better protect the ecological environment. Yateks will pay more attention to product innovation in the future. and play the role of products in more fields

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