How does an industrial endoscope work? The faq of borescope

How does an industrial endoscope work?

An Industrial endoscope (occasionally called a borescope,videoscope, inspection camera) is a type of precision instrument composed of a display monitor and a flexible insertion tube with an optical lens and micro-camera sensor, endoscope camera software is equally important. Its function is to have a remote visual inspection of those narrow areas that are inaccessible to human eyes, which is widely applied in the industrial field.

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How much does an industrial borescope cost?

“How much does an industrial borescope cost?” There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to borescopes. It’s between $10 and $100,000. Because there are many different tools that fall under the category of “borescopes.” They range from rigid borescopes, ideal for applications that require only straight-line access to an inspection target, such as a gun barrel or borehole; all the way to high-end articulating video borescopes with numerous features, used in airplane turbine inspections, power plants, railway, ship, and countless other industries field.


what is an industrial borescope used for?

The application field of Industrial borescope

  1. Aviation & Space Industry

It can be used to inspect regularly turbine, blades, engine, the surface of welding and conductor pipes, combustion chamber in plane or plane itself, and in development and manufacture of the rocket.

  1. Electrical Production and Construction Unit

It can be used to probe and monitor any defects of apparatus such as a turbine, pipes.

  1. PetroChemical and Pressure Container Industries

It can be used to inspect reserve tanks, heat exchangers and tank trucks in oil refinery, pipes in chemical plant and containers, steel cylinders and pipes in special inspection unit and pressure container plant.

  1. Railway, Ship, Construction Engineering and Research Unit

Railway/Ship:It can be used to inspect electrical locomotive, air-conditioner, turbine, heater, gas‐engine and flames of the boiler.

Construction Engineering: It can be used to inspect erosion and fouling of pipes, inter of the wall, rust of concrete iron, break of the support shaft and bridge connection part; to observe caves inside tunnel and construction model; to diagnose erosion and blockage of running water pipe.

Research UnitIt can be used in observation, research, trial, archaeological work and etc.


FAQ of Yateks borescope:

Q: What’s the most advantage of Yateks endoscopes compared with Olympus and GE ones?

A: Yates’s advantage is that our joystick control and articulation structure is better and more advanced than theirs.


Q: How is the world market partnership for Yateks endoscopes?

A: We have established very stable, long-term and enjoyable cooperation relationships with our partners in EU, North America, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Mexico, etc.

yateks-m-series-videoscope3rrr-btob of yateks borescope

Q: How are Yates’s after-sales service and policy?

A: We offered a one-year warranty for all our endoscopes; for the repair units, we only charge the cost price for repair material and work, and the repaired units will be shipped back to you within one month.

Q: What’s Yateks’ policy for a demo unit?

A: We support in two kinds of ways: ①Order your demo unit with a special offer, if not satisfied within 15 days, the demo unit can be returned to us after your request; ②Guarantee money for demo unit loan.

Q: What’s the payment term for Yateks?

A: Usually 100% payment in advance; but we can also accept 30% advance payment at PI, 70% balance payment at delivery.

Q: What’re the certifications do Yateks own?

A: Our endoscopes have passed strict CE, RoHS, and other patents for our key technology. And we have assisted our partners to gain more certificates locally.


Rohs Certificate screenshot P-series CE Certificate screenshot P-series

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    Thanks for explaining how borescopes are a type of precision instrument that is used to have remote visual inspections of narrow areas. Since this is the case, it would probably be important to ensure they’re working properly so that you can get clear images. In order to do this, it would probably be a good idea to do proper maintenance and hire a professional for any borescope repairs you need to ensure the instrument can be used to correctly inspect any area you need.

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