Excellent performance of N-digital series in turbine inspection

From the power plants of ships to jets on airplanes.and even generators that are closely related to our lives.in many industries, turbines are require to operate efficiently.

The working state of the turbine directly affects the operation of the entire equipment. Therefore, it is very necessary to detect the internal condition of the turbine. However, the turbine is usually placed inside the equipment and is difficult to disassemble. We usually adopt non-destructive testing methods for testing.

Turbines are composed of impellers and leaf discs, which often exhibit complex workpiece geometries. Therefore, if you want to detect the details of the interior of the turbine, the endoscope is the most important inspection tool.


Yateks’ N-digital series has an excellent performance in turbine testing:

1.For N-digital series appearance:

(1)N-digital has designed the overall body according to the handheld structure of the human body. even if the customer holds it for a long time, it will not feel hand fatigue.

2)The LCD screen has high quality. and every point of the LCD screen always maintains the same color. and brightness after receiving the signal. and it emits constant light without constantly refreshing the highlights, which can reduce eye fatigue.

(3)The unique headphone jack of the N-digital series. insert a headphone with a microphone, you can record video while recording. It can better record the detection environment. Monitor IP54, probe IP67 can keep working in 1 meter of water

2.For N-digital series camera:

(1)N-digital series the diameter of the endoscope can be 2.2mm to 6mm. 1-10m length of the insertion tube, and with camera in front view/side view/dual camera/LED/Fiber. there are many models to meet the various needs of different customers.

3. For probe:

(1)Probe is braided with a unique tungsten wire wear-resistant tube. It has strong wear resistance and can be well adapted to different working environments.

(2)It has an electronic magnetic rocker that can adjust omnidirectionally for 360° .Electronic magnetic rocker is very flexible . It can well capture the details of any place the customer wants to see. In a very complex environment such as a turbine, it can also be very accurate to locate the point you want to detect.

4.For main unit software:

(1)It has a unique digital platform. customers can perform a variety of processing on the picture. such as automatic white balance function, picture rotation function, black and white reverse color function, etc.

(2)For turbine detection. the black and white reverse color function can help customers observe more details. because most of the parts in the turbine have a single color. After the black and white reverse color function is used, the screen will become black and white. the contrast between internal parts will be stronger, customers can observe the difference, this is also an important reason why the N-digital series has an excellent performance in turbine inspection.

(3)In addition to editing pictures, the N-digital series can also manage pictures,The N-digital series can create folders. select the default folder.rename the folder, or rename the picture and video. It is easy for customers to manage and categorize pictures and video.

4)The digital platform can quickly upgrade the remote software. through the SD card, store the software required for the upgrade in the SD card. and then put the SD card into the endoscope. the system will automatically start the upgrade.

5.In summary

With the easy-to-carry whole machine. multiple choices of high-resolution lenses. flexible electronic magnetic rocker. powerful image editing. and management functions. we strongly believe that the N-digital series can become your important tool in the inspection.

Our N-digital series is the best choice for turbine inspection..! If you want to know more about N-digital, please do not hesitate to contact us.!

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