Endoscope vs Borescope: What’s the Difference?

When you search for endoscope on the web, you will find many borescope on the page. The two functions are similar but not the same. However, they don’t look different. But if you get it wrong, it may not meet your intended use.

So do you know the difference between endoscope vs borescope? Next, we want to make sure you don’t confuse the two. In this article, I will introduce you to the main differences between endoscope vs borescope.

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What is an Endoscope?

An endoscope is technically a type of borescope. The endoscope is a more precise version of the borescope. Endoscope vs borescope perform the same kinds of tasks. An endoscope is an instrument that can be inserted into the body without any surgery. You can see images of internal organs and other body parts. The endoscope consists of a skinny metal tube and probe. The metal tube can extend through the mouth into the stomach and the trachea. The metal tube of the endoscope can also extend into the intestine through the anus.

Working principle

There are optical fiber bundles in the metal tube of the endoscope. The top of the metal tube connects a light source, which transmits the light to the other end of the endoscope to generate bright light. Doctors can move and bend the metal head of the endoscope through the manipulator to reach the site to be observed. The detector of the endoscope transmits the observed situation through the image beam to the TV monitor to become an image.

After electronic computer processing, doctors can discover the faults of these organs. If the probe of the endoscope is equipped with a camera, then you can also take pictures. There is also a particular hole in the endoscope tube through which a micro scalpel can be installed. In this way, the doctor can directly operate on the patient inside the organ without laparotomy. You can also install a slender clamp to take a small amount of living tissue for pathological biopsy.

The role of endoscope

The endoscope can directly observe the pathological changes of the internal organs of the human body, which can significantly improve the early detection rate of the disease. This is especially important for cancer because the early treatment of cancer is better than the late treatment. Here, the endoscope can make an accurate diagnosis for some peptic diseases, such as stomach, duodenitis, or ulcer. In recent years, doctors have combined endoscopic technology with ultrasound technology. The endoscope is used to judge the depth of gastrointestinal tumors and distinguish benign and malignant tumors. Endoscope can also diagnose other diseases.

Medical field

In addition, endoscope vs borescope can also be used for disease treatment. Local hemostasis under the endoscope can avoid the complicated process of surgical hemostasis. This can reduce the patient’s pain and get quicker results at the same time. Can apply Endoscopic laser treatment to gastrointestinal diseases, such as bleeding tumors.

Endoscopic laser is also suitable for treating other diseases, such as the treatment of intestinal polyps. Intestinal polyp refers to the mass of proliferative tissue protruding from the intestinal cavity connected with the intestinal mucosa. In addition, a small number of intestinal polyps can develop into cancer. The endoscope can remove the intestinal polyps. In addition, for patients with advanced visceral tumors, an endoscopic laser can be used to remove cancer to relieve symptoms and prolong life. In recent years, doctors have also developed various new technologies, including endoscopic high-frequency electrocoagulation therapy, endoscopic microwave therapy, endoscopic balloon, water balloon expansion therapy, etc. These techniques can achieve better treatment results and will also expand the scope of treatment.

In daily life, people accidentally swallow foreign bodies, which can be observed with an endoscope. Under their guidance, the foreign bodies can be taken out, which avoids the pain of surgery, and is quick and convenient. At present, there are many kinds of endoscope vs borescope in the world, including gastroscope, esophagoscopy, etc

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What is a Borescope?

Pipes are more common in our daily lives, such as air-conditioning pipes, gas pipes, engine or pressure vessel pipes, etc. As the use time of the pipeline increases, dirt will gradually accumulate in the pipeline. In addition, the internal welds and corrosion of the pipeline will become increasingly severe. To understand the condition of these pipes, we usually use endoscope vs borescope for non-destructive testing.

Endoscope vs borescope can consider that borescope are industrial endoscope used to explore pipes. Compared with endoscope, borescope mostly use in industry. Endoscope vs borescope can use for inspections of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation, and pipelines that the human eye cannot directly observe. Borescope facilitate the assessment of welds, corrosion, blockages, discrepancies, foreign bodies, etc., inside the pipeline. Due to the specific needs of pipeline inspection, borescope have their unique structure while having the characteristics of endoscope.

The pipeline endoscope is generally composed of a controller, a lifting platform, a camera, a cable, a crawler, alighting, and a remote control clutch. Among them, the function of the remote control lift is to adjust the height of the camera. It can ensure that the lens is always kept in the middle of the pipe for observation. The crawler can cross obstacles and turn freely. The remote control clutch can release the wheel to retract the crawler. The handheld controller can complete the adjustment of the lifting platform, clutch, lighting, focus, direction, and speed. Borescope have lightness, firmness, easy manipulation, easy passage through obstacles, and easy disassembly and assembly.


Borescope mainly use maintenance and quality inspection of pipe products. Borescope involve many industries or component-related pipeline inspections. For example, electrical and electronic drives, automobile engines and hydraulic components, industrial machinery inspections, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.

It can use the borescope to observe the inside of the pipe. So it can transmit over long distances and can go through curves continuously. Its material is waterproof, and anti-corrosion and the front-end camera can directly observe the internal conditions of the pipeline. Borescope can also take pictures and videos for archiving and other advantages. It can pass through the inside of pipes of tens of meters or even hundreds of meters, bringing more convenience to people’s inspection work.

Borescope can also use detect welds, corrosion, blockages, accumulation of foreign bodies, etc., inside the pipeline. It can apply in various fields such as municipal administration, industry, special inspection, fire protection, and pharmacy. It can equip with centering devices and centering fixtures of different specifications.

The endoscope pipeline probe is always in the middle of the pipeline during the advancement process, which is more convenient for users to observe. And borescope can be rigid or flexible. So, in addition to industrial use, people often use it in homework. Rigid borescope are easy to use in family life and can also provide higher-quality images.

To sum up

The above content is the real difference between endoscope vs borescope. You can choose endoscope vs borescope at any time according to your choice, budget, and purpose of use. Whether it is borescope vs endoscope, both are now in constant development and are in high demand because they have extraordinary visual inspection capabilities. Endoscope vs borescope are all movable, adjustable, and easy to use. Both endoscope vs borescope are very helpful in passing through cracks or inaccessible areas. I hope this article is useful to you. Thanks for reading?

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