Application Advantages of Yateks’ M series inspection videoscope

Yateks’ M series inspection videoscope has been greatly welcomed by distributors and end-users, since it was published on the market since July 30th, 2017. Why can it be the best seller in the world market? The end users are best qualified to speak on this topic! After gathering the voice from end-users, we’re analyzing the advantages of M series borescope applied in different working conditions.

According to the general statistics, Yateks’ M series inspection videoscope is widely used in casting, aviation, oil&gas, automotive, boiler industry, chemical processing etc. Here is a brief summary of the main advantages praised and approved by many end-users after being compared with endoscopes at a similar level.

Advantages of M series industrial borescopeAdvantages of M series industrial borescope 2Advantages of M series industrial borescope 3

First, the light sensitivity and image definition are the most frequently praised points, which can help users get very high definition images under not so bright working conditions. With high-quality camera sensor, optimized optical path design, precision lens processing, and upgraded software, Yateks M series inspection camera can serve most applications quite well.



Second, the bending radius and locking function are also what users like. By shortening the rigid module part, the bending radius can meet almost all applications when it’s articulated and bent in narrow space; when the front part needs to lock at a fixed position, it will lock without bouncing back even a little due to damping coefficient adjustment, which is helpful when users need to inspect more carefully at a point.

Advantages-of-M-series-flexible-inspection-camera-6 Advantages-of-M-series-flexible-inspection-camera-7


Third, lightweight body and interchangeable probes are outstanding features thought highly of by actual users. Being “EASY” at a reasonable cost is what users want and we make it. Light body is helpful for reducing his working burden, and the design of the interchangeable probe can help to satisfy different working conditions at a lower budget.


Above are the summarized top 3 outstanding advantages, actually more other features are also praised by users. We’re always together with our customers and clients on the way of innovation and improvement to provide what most users like and recognize!




Yateks M-series Industrial Endoscope

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