How to buy a suitable industrial endoscope?

Choosing a suitable industrial borescope depends on how it works and the environment in which it works. Many purchasers are concerned about price. More attention should be paid to product performance and after-sales service. This is the way to buy a good quality industrial endoscope product.


In addition to parameters such as the diameter of the probe. The performance that needs to be focuse on. The following aspects are mainly involved (in the case of electronic video endoscopes).

  1. Whether the image is clear or not directly affects whether the inspector can make correct decisions. Unclear images are easy to cause missed detection and misjudgment. The main indicator is the number of pixels;

  2. Good lighting is an indispensable condition for clear imaging;

  3. Probes that can be bent in different directions. Naturally able to detect all corners efficiently, leaving no dead spots.

  4. This is also well understood, the testing environment is harsh. In particular, the probes have to be wound in and out several times. Robust and durable probes have a long life and reduce unnecessary overheads.

  5. Measurement function. The size, location and development of defects. Quantitative values of severity, etc. is also important for decision making. Accurate measurements help to make more correct decisions.

  6. The arduousness of the inspection work determines the intensity of the inspectors’ work. Hand-held and portable devices will effectively reduce their burden and make the inspection more efficient.

Due to prolonged exposure to harsh industrial borescopes, combined with the operation of the inspectors. Good quality industrial borescope products can also break down. This is why after-sales service is also a reason that cannot be ignored when choosing an industrial endoscope. A brand with good after-sales service has an experienced after-sales and maintenance team. And there is a comprehensive stock of stock and accessories. When the user’s equipment breaks down, the repair process can be started quickly. Shorten the repair time.

In summary, buying an industrial endoscope is not only about price. Also pay attention to these two points: product performance and after-sales service situation. At present, there are many brands of industrial borescopes, and Atech Optoelectronics is one of the more famous brands. In the product performance, and after-sales service are good in both aspects. You can rest assured to buy. The product range of industrial endoscopes is rich, with both large diameter and small diameter products. Professionals can recommend the most economical solution for users according to their needs, and efficiently solve their inspection problems.

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