Yateks industrial endoscopes are used in gas boiler inspection

Gas-fired boilers refer to boilers whose fuel is gas. Gas-fired boilers are the most economical compared with oil-fired boilers and electric boilers. Therefore, gas-fired boilers are increasingly used in many industries and fields such as industrial power generation, commercial heating, and water supply.

After the boiler runs for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be scale and rust problems, which will reduce the heat exchange effect and due to the corrosion factors under the scale, the heat absorption of the boiler water-cooled fireplace is reduced, and the outlet temperature of the boiler furnace increases, which increases the boiler loss. At the same time, scaling in the water wall reduces the heat transfer effect, which may cause the temperature of the water wall to increase and cause the water wall to burst, which affects the safe operation of the boiler. Therefore, regular inspections of the internal conditions of the boiler with the help of industrial endoscope products have been universally recognized, and more and more attention has been paid by the boiler use department and the supervisory department.

The sales engineer of yateks carried the M series industrial endoscope products and conducted a comprehensive test on a well-known company’s use of a fully automatic fuel gas hot water boiler. During the test, it was found that a thick scale had formed on the inner wall of the boiler. It needs to be cleaned up in time, and it is found that some places are corroded, which has attracted the attention of users.

In addition, during on-site use, experts and corporate boiler maintenance personnel gave high evaluations to M series industrial endoscopes in terms of pixels, clarity, depth of field, and steering flexibility. At the same time, a detailed comparison was made on the scene with other brand endoscope products. In the end, it was concluded that yeteks products were better in terms of clarity and flexibility.

The M series industrial endoscope adopts a mechanical rocker control structure, the weight of the whole machine is only 0.6Kg, which is more convenient to carry; the insertion tube can be replaced with a structure, a host can be matched with insertion tubes of different specifications and diameters, which not only meets the needs of customers in many aspects Demands can greatly save equipment costs.

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