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Borescope Components

Shenzhen Yateks Endoscope has won a number of national-level independent innovation invention patents, the main products are articulating borescope series, IR Infrared borescope, camera technology, endoscope components.

Material coding Material name Specification Length Stock quantity (main unit) Price 1110200034 Electronic \*\ optical signal sensor (A) Camera\3.9mm\Front view\100°\4000Lux\7-100mm\IP67\AV signal output 8mm 27 $370 1110200030 Electronic \*\ optical signal sensor (F) Camera\ 3.9mm \Front view\100°\ 7-100mm\IP67\USB output 8mm 36 $430 5010200052 Semi-finished products\other (B) Camera\5.5mm\Front view\100°\7-80mm\20000lux\IP67\LVDS output 12mm 5 $310 5010200347 Semi-finished products\other QBA1 [...]

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