Routine maintenance of industrial endoscopes

How to do the daily maintenance of industrial endoscopes? While industrial endoscopes provide us with convenience, we should also do a good job in the daily maintenance of industrial endoscopes. Only in this way can it play a good role. So, how to do the daily maintenance of industrial endoscopes?


  1. Pay attention to the protection of the lens and probe

In the daily maintenance of industrial endoscopes, in addition to cleaning the lens in time, care should also be taken not to scratch the surface of the lens with sharp substances, otherwise, it is easy to leave scratches and even cause the lens to break. When taking pictures and taking pictures in some special environments, a layer of something can be placed on the probe to protect it to reduce friction and ensure a clear image.

  1. Handle and put gently to prevent breakage and fall

In the process of placing and removing the industrial endoscope, the endoscope should be picked up gently. When picking up the front probe, it is best to put one hand under the probe to prevent accidental falls.

  1. Avoid obstacles and damage to the endoscope during the detection process

The detection channel should be as short as possible, and the observation lens should be used before detection to determine whether there are obstacles, burrs,and other objects in the channel that may hinder and damage the probe. If there are other detection channels, it is best to choose other detection channels. In the detection process, when encountering obstacles, you should not pull them hard. You must find a way to continue entering and exiting with proficient force, otherwise, the inner cable, optical fiber, etc. may be torn, affecting the clarity of the image and the transmission of the image signal.

  1. After using the industrial endoscope, clean it in time

After using the industrial endoscope, first,clean the wires related to the industrial endoscope with a clean soft cloth, and then re-tie it on the winding wheel. When purchasing the endoscope, place the parts in the designated position according to the box-shaped standard To ensure the next use.

  1. The battery should be removed and protected in time

For electronic industrial endoscopes, the battery should be removed immediately after use. When the battery is exhausted, it should be charged or replaced in time

  1. Regular maintenance industrial endoscopevideo endoscope

Industrial endoscopes should be inspected, cleaned, and maintained regularly. If malfunctions of the endoscope are detected in time, measures are taken to deal with it, which will help extend the use time of industrial endoscopes.

The above is about how to do the daily maintenance of industrial endoscopes. Only by cherishing the maintenance of industrial endoscopes can we provide good convenience for us to use industrial endoscopes, and it can also save repeated purchases of new industries. The cost of the endoscope.

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