Selection and selection method of veterinary endoscope

  1. What is a veterinary endoscope?

Theveterinary endoscope is a collection of endoscope and foreign body grasping, and enters the pet’s body through the pet’s natural orifice or through a small incision made by surgery. It consists of a flexible part, a light source and a set of lenses. When in use, the endoscope is introduced into the organ for pre-examination, and pathological changes that are invisible to X-ray can be directly observed. For example, with the help of an endoscope, the doctor can observe the ulcer or tumor in the stomach, and formulate the best treatment plan accordingly. Pet endoscope is a must-purchased equipment for mid-to-high-end pet hospitals.

The four main components of Veterinary endoscopes:

(1) veterinary flexible endoscope/veterinary rigid endoscope/electronic endoscope

(2) HD monitor

(3) Host of pet endoscope

  1. Choose Veterinary endoscopes in 6 dimensions

Choosing the right Veterinary endoscope is a very complicated matter, involving all aspects of parts, the whole machine, the manufacturer, and the warranty. It can be judged and analyzed from the following 7 dimensions to find the most cost-effective Veterinary endoscope.

  1. According to the application of Veterinary endoscope, choose Veterinary soft endoscope/Veterinary rigid endoscope/electronic endoscope

Veterinary endoscopes are mainly used for inspection equipment for animal digestive system, respiratory system, reproductive system and other diseases. With special tools, it can treat, remove foreign bodies swallowed by animals, and surgery and orthopedics.

Different Veterinary endoscopes are equipped according to different applications. If Veterinary rigid endoscopes, they are mainly used in ENT examination, laparoscopy, arthroscopy and other fields;

Veterinary electronic gastroscope can not only show whether there are foreign bodies in the stomach, it can also be used to reveal whether there are suspicious or abnormal areas in the stomach, intestines, colon or respiratory tract. It can also be used to treat: vomiting, salivation, dysphagia, nausea, Symptoms such as vomiting, weight loss, anorexia, diarrhea, fecal mucus, and tenesmus

When animals have cough, bronchitis, pulmonary hyperplasia, tracheal failure, and abnormal respiratory symptoms, fiber and rigid bronchoscopes and bronchoscopes can be used for inspection.

  1. HD monitor

High-definition monitors are indispensable hardware equipment in various departments of the hospital. Whether in surgery or general examinations, high-definition monitors are doctors’ faithful helpers, featuring wide color gamut, high contrast, high resolution, and fast picture response.

  1. Host of pet endoscope

At present, the most common ones are high-definition endoscope hosts, 1920X1080p full HD progressive scan, making the operation easier and more precise!

  1. Price

Regarding price, whether it is a hospital or a distributor, it is a key issue that pays more attention to. Low prices cannot be blindly pursued. Products that are too cheap are often accompanied by quality problems and have a short service life. This is not only a troublesome thing for the hospital, but also a loss. A certain cost.

  1. After-sales

Under the premise of meeting daily use needs, choose a complete machine with high cost performance and long warranty time for the whole machine and parts; it is best to choose the whole machine from the same manufacturer to ensure the overall performance and fast speed of the whole machine. After sale.

  1. Manufacturer

Try to choose to buy directly from the manufacturer of the complete machine to ensure the quality of the complete machine’s warranty, avoiding middlemen disputes, ensuring price transparency, and reducing price differences;

veterinary endoscope

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