Application of Yateks Industrial Endoscope in Judging the Failure of Octane testing machine

The ASTM CFR octane  Testing machine in the laboratory of refining and chemical enterprises is a key large-scale analytical instrument for inspection and analysis. In use, we often encounter problems such as reduction of calibration error and precision. According to the requirements of ASTM CFR, it is necessary to judge the troubleshooting. Diagnosis and troubleshooting often require the removal of certain parts of the engine before it can be realized. This will inevitably lead to misjudgments and excessive maintenance, increasing operating costs and maintenance costs. The “Maintenance Guidelines” of the American manufacturer Waukesha have defined and guided methods, including inspections using industrial endoscopes. In our daily maintenance and most technical services, we use Yateks M series industrial endoscope to accurately find out the faulty part without disassembling the engine. Convenient methods and tools are provided for analyzing and judging the failure and cause of the octane number machine.

How does a borescope use for aeroengine maintenance

1. Introduction to Industrial Endoscope

The composition of industrial endoscopes mainly includes front-end insertion tube/camera, steering control structure, display screen, host operating parts, etc. It is a kind of use of sensors, control mechanisms, etc. for industrial equipment containers, pipelines, and inconvenient disassembly equipment. It is a non-destructive testing method for observation and identification of parts below the liquid surface such as the inner surface, water, and oil, and areas that cannot be directly observed by human eyesight under special circumstances.

At present, there are more and more domestic industrial endoscope manufacturers, but not many are suitable for the inspection characteristics of octane number machines. Yateks M series industrial endoscopes are flexible in operation, the front end can be turned in any direction of 360°, and the image imaging is clear, which can meet the special needs of octane machine inspection and maintenance. The product is detailed in workmanship, compact in size, and easy to carry. It is a very cost-effective industrial video endoscope.

2. application introduction

In the frequent octane number testing work, once failures and damages occur, inspection defects will occur and cause major accidents. The traditional treatment is to ask professionals to disassemble the machine, inspect and judge with special tools, and then determine the maintenance plan. Repairs can only be carried out after foreign ordering and the presence of special accessories. This is costly, time-consuming, and progress is difficult to control. Using the M series of Yateks industrial endoscope, it is possible to determine the faulty part without disassembling the octane number machine, correctly determine the maintenance plan, and avoid excessive maintenance and failure expansion. The use of industrial endoscopes for daily maintenance can also effectively detect early failure precursors and carry out targeted maintenance to prevent and reduce the occurrence of failures and extend its operating cycle.

Image of the top of the piston with different faults

Images of the top and opening of the valve clearly show the fault

Inspection site using endoscope inspection pictures

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